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White paper on e-commerce of Chinese components (Part I)

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two thousand and twentyIn, striking one snag after another, the global semiconductor industry was in a state of ups and downs under the impact of the Sino US trade war. From the beginning of the year, almost all semiconductor analysis and consulting institutions sharply lowered their revenue expectations for this year, to the middle of the year, institutions have switched to be optimistic about the trend in the second half of the year, interspersed with global component shortage and rising prices. This round of roller coaster market really makes people tremble, like walking on thin ice, but tongue tied.


It can be said that the Chinese people with one heart and one mind magically blocked and saved the torrent of the world economic downturn. Under the strong start of the double cycle policy of the Chinese government, Chinese manufacturing and exports began to recover strongly. Chinese chips accelerated the pace of replacing Europe, America, Japan and South Korea from the middle and low end, stimulated domestic demand and undertook the global electronic manufacturing industry that pressed the pause button, Let the pulse of the world chain link beat vigorously again, so as to promote the recovery and rapid rebound of the semiconductor industry.


two thousand and threeIn, SARS forced many people to live at home, work and shop online, which quickly hatched and gave birth toB2CTaobao and Jingdong, two e-commerce giants of.two thousand and twentyIn, China's component e-commerce also seized the historical opportunity in time and successfully took over the baton. By purchasing components online, it was able to keep production and R & D from stagnating, not only meet the urgent needs in special periods, but also obtain greater development space by improving industry efficiencyB2BThe highlight moment when the industrial platform establishes the status of the Jianghu.


At the same time, China's component e-commerce is quietly accelerating the butterfly change, and some e-commerce platforms begin to coordinate the layout in the industrial chainPCBProductionEDADesignSMAPatch3DAnd panel printing and other industrial service chains to invest capital and resources, competitiveness and one-stop ecological service capacity. It is certain that the development direction of industrial Internet is synergy, clustering and digitization, and the underlying logic of development is to achieve the best efficiency, and let all parties benefit from it.


two thousand and twentyIn order to further track and deeply study the development format and evolution of China's component e-commerce under the special background, followingtwo thousand and nineteenIn, the team of chip master Research Institute launched the white paper on China's component e-commerce(two thousand and nineteenAfter the establishment of the e-commerce center for self operated components, continue to conduct research, sampling and analysis based on the local E-commerce mall, and strive to deepen the new understanding of China's e-commerce industry by the majority of colleagues in the electronic industry chain, investment research and adjustment institutions and government departments.


2、Embracing the digital economy: supply chain"Core" starting point


The future supply chain must be a network structure. From design, manufacturing, distribution to terminal, it will be digitized and gradually shared and reasonably applied by the industrial chain.




At present, the digital economy has become an indispensable organic component of China's economy and the embodiment of the most competitive and innovative vitality of economic development. Through business data modeling, portrait, combing, analysis and summary, we have carried out all-round, all angle and all chain transformation of the electronic manufacturing industry, helped the upstream and downstream to carry out accurate services and trend prediction, and guided the industrial direction, This digital economy based on component transactions and services has gradually developed into an experimental platform for in-depth reform of the industrial chain scene.


Forecasting the future with employment intelligence and big data is the core of digitization. In this process, the current component supply chain is facing the problem of information island. From chip sales to end consumers, the chain is very long, and it is difficult for the original factory to obtain the data of end consumers. If we know the data of end consumers, we can predict the consumption of chips. Make the industry more intelligent and scientific. To achieve such a result, we need to work together as a platform to push all kinds of data onto the chain.


The future supply chain must be a network structure. From design, manufacturing, distribution to terminal, it will be digitized, and gradually shared and reasonably applied by the industrial chain.


Due to the epidemic and the continuation of the Sino US trade war, the stability of the chip industry chain has been greatly damaged. The conservative production capacity and plan of the original factory and even terminal manufacturing have plunged the supply chain into a state of weightlessness, unbalanced supply and demand, unreasonable production and sales, and shortage and price rise have become the norm. Therefore, for the digitization of the chip industry, first, let all things interconnect and use data to realize the circulation of data; The second is to change the data from the original driving factors into production factors, so as to improve production efficiency; Third, let industry and technology cooperate to build infrastructure; Fourth, use new digital products to reconstruct the industrial ecosystem.


For China's chip industry, make good use of various dividends in the digitization process of the Internet platform, determine and establish data resources cooperation with excellent component e-commerce platforms as soon as possible, fully grant digital rights, tap digital resources and educate digital users, so as to accelerate the penetration of local brands and product technologies, It will be a new wing and key power source for China's core enterprises to take off. Whoever has a keen sense of smell and moves quickly in the digital economy will have a better chance to approach and compete with the first-line international manufacturers.


3、New evolution of Chinese component E-commerce


To make chainsPCBEDA3DPrintingSMTThe digital process of industrial extension helps to broaden and deepen enterprise service and competitiveness, and has become a new strategic choice for many component e-commerce.




aftertenWith the precipitation and evolution around, China's component e-commerce has entered the entrepreneurship track from a single agency purchase, spot, matchmaking and other industry pain points0reachone, constantly trial and error, constantly optimize, constantly iterate, and make continuous progress. From the initial wave of nationwide touches to the bubble, more than 1000 electric providers sprung up and moved forward, and then returned to rational development.


At present, a single component transaction and service can no longer meet the in-depth needs of users; From the perspective of e-commerce, only using trading tools to obtain the favor and stickiness of users, the threshold of moat is too low, and it is easy to be attacked by competitors. Therefore, it is necessary to manufacture the chainPCBEDA3DPrintingSMTThe digital process of industrial extension helps to broaden and deepen enterprise service and competitiveness, and has become a new strategic choice for many component e-commerce.


Taking Lichuang mall as a sample, due to the advance layout of the group's business, the integrity and synergy of the manufacturing industry chain have become common. At present, what is more needed is the optimization and innovation of transaction service tools, as well as how to quickly connect with the original factory and improve the service level.


It is understood that Li ChuangEDAHas gained more thanone hundred and sixtyHighly recognized and used by worldwide engineers; As a pioneer in the field of component e-commercePLUSMembership system, in shortthreeWithin a month, thousands of customers enthusiastically purchased; Help implementBOMThe "core housekeeper" software for one-stop purchase and management of purchase, sales and inventory has been deeply used by thousands of users at present; Lichuang live broadcast has become an innovation publicity platform and business card for the component industry. Next, the chip master Research Institute will innovate through the membership systemERPAuxiliary tool innovation, e-commerce live broadcast and big data services to analyze the new evolution of component e-commerce.


On the innovation of meeting system



It is reported that JingdongPLUSmember”Go onlinethreeIn recent years, with the development of the Internet and online shopping, and the continuous improvement of the membership rights and interests ecology of the platform itself, it has become a domestic marketCThe leader of e-commerce membership system. take the reverse into considerationBAt the end, the classification of member levels by each platform is roughly similar to the operation strategy, but forPLUSThe group still lacks innovation, especially in terms of commodity and equity ecology, which is still a blank, with unlimited exploration space and possibility.


two thousand and twentyyearnineIn June, the first member system in the field of component e-commerce was establishedPLUS”Online, brokenBEnd platform pairPLUSIndustry gaps in member operations. Li ChuangPLUSWith the rights and interests of commodity coupons and freight coupons that highly meet the demand, it attracts terminal R & D and manufacturing enterprises to join in order to accurately reach the high frequency of the mall Waist customers,threeIt has thousands of paying members within months, saving customers more than one million yuan. Yuan ChaoPLUSFees paid by customers.


But with JingdongPLUSIn contrast, they are quite different in business model, user group, business scope, membership rights and consumption characteristics. Future LichuangPLUSIf you want to grow into an e-commerce platform for componentsPLUSSystem benchmarking requires more support and resource preference from upstream original manufacturers and supply chain providers, and the e-commerce platform itself also needs toPLUSMembers do fine user portrait and data analysis, directional investment, and accurately match customer needs.


aboutERPInnovation of auxiliary tools



For a long time, foreign component e-commerce giants such as Dejie and MAOZe have used it for a long timeERPTools to help customersBOMDistribution order and purchase, sales and inventory management to improve the efficiency of customer order and supply chain management. In recent years, some professional components have emerged in ChinaERPSoftware, some local e-commerce make use of their own resourcesITThe advantages have been further optimized and strengthenedERPThe tools and marketing attributes of the platform better increase the loyalty and stickiness of platform users.


Yilichuang"Core housekeeper"(XGJ. SZLCSC. COM)The functions of the two tools are basically the same as that of a certain Ze inventory management tool. They both provide free cloud inventory management solutions, so that small and medium-sized enterprises, scientific research institutes, maker studios and other long tail user groups can easily manage and track inventory, so as to reduce user purchase costs, maintain product value and increase user stickiness.


The only difference from a Ze inventory management tool is that placing an order in the Lichuang core housekeeper not only supports cloud encryption, but also enjoysAIAutomatically calculate the whole order discount, and have the same with LichuangPLUSExclusive coupons and other benefits jointly launched.


bytwo thousand and twentyyearelevenAccording to the data statistics of June, the number of core housekeeper enterprises registered has continued to rise to nearlyfive thousandPlus, and real and effective end enterprise users account for95%Above, and maintain a growing trend.


About e-commerce live broadcast



two thousand and twentyIn, due to the outbreak of the company, the component industry was affected by the shock from the original factory, agent to distribution, and the business communication under the line could not be carried out normally. The social isolation caused by the epidemic led to another kind of social draught - live broadcast.


two thousand and twentyEarly years(2-3The live broadcast of e-commerce of components in January) was launched with topics and contents of interest to users such as supply chain and resumption of work. The goods received unexpected results, but did not have commercial attributes; The live broadcast of component e-commerce in the post epidemic era is affectedB2CInspired by the industry, it has mushroomed and developed into a variety of publicity and drainage windows.


According to the observation of chip master Research Institute, at present, the live broadcast of mainstream component e-commerce can be divided into four categories according to the content: technology sharing, brand publicity, new product launch and live broadcast with goods.


Taking Lichuang live broadcast as the sample analysis, intwo thousand and twentyTotal services during the yearthirty-twoVendors covering storageMCU, module, power managementMOSThere are more than ten sub categories such as tube and resistance sense. The live broadcast content includes four categories: technology sharing, brand publicity, new product launch and live broadcast with goods. At the same time, Lichuang live broadcast uses itsone hundred and ninetyMillion user base, giving good consideration to the commodity attributes of live broadcast with goods. According to statistics,twenty-sevenThe cumulative total viewing of live broadcast exceedseightyMillion person times, and the actual amount of connected transactions exceedseight hundred and sixty10000 yuan (including direct purchase amount of aboutone hundred and sixty-six10000 yuan), which has also become the only component platform that can stably provide delivery services for suppliers.


Big data service


With the digitization of the supply chain, component e-commerce has natural advantages. Using effective data to mine procurement clues and new industry needs, judge and predict the market and even drive the efficiency improvement of partners will become the basic goal and the only way for component e-commerce. The following chip master research institute still takes Lichuang mall as the research subject. After desensitizing some data, it will present you the market data of typical Chinese component e-commerce to the greatest extent.


Outbreak in China, driving the world



fromtwo thousand and nineteenSince the second quarter of, chip master Research Institute has launched e-commerce market report every quarter, introducing search, transaction and order indicators, which can partially reflect the prosperity of China's component distribution market. And the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index, which represents the main prosperity indicators of the international semiconductor industry(PHLX Semiconductor Sector, abbreviationSOXAfter superposition, we can study the market trend of China and the global semiconductor market in recent one year.


Because the Spring Festival holiday and the development of epidemic situation in foreign countries are not synchronized, they areonefourThe month showed some differences, and the second half showed high correlation consistency. The intersection appears attwoIn the middle of June, since then, the domestic market boom curve has risen sharplyfourtenThe month entered the shock upward period and entered thetenAfter January, both indexes showed an overall upward trend. The trend of Philadelphia Semiconductor Index is relatively flat throughout the year. Over the years, its trough has appeared inthreeMonth, buttwo thousand and twentyyeartenAfter January, the increase was particularly obvious, especially inelevenRecord high at the end of the monthtwo thousand seven hundred and ninety-threePoint.


Index description,two thousand and twentyIn, the domestic market heat continued to rise and break out in fluctuations, making a great contribution to pulling the global semiconductor industry out of the economic downturn.


ICThis kind of market rose in an all-round way



two thousand and twentyCategory with the most active market performance inMCU/MPUYes. The e-commerce market index composed of transaction volume, transaction volume, search volume and number of customers,MCUThe market took the lead in recovering, the two increases and the annual performance were higher than the market, and pressed the three popular categories of capacitors, transistors and power chips, creating a huge impact and panic on the whole supply chain.


Among them,MCU/MPUThe turnover, trading volume and browsing volume of the category arethreeThe maximum value was reached in January, and the average transaction price was short, and thenelevenMay rebounded again and hit a new high in trading volume.


In addition, the anti epidemic demand detonated the sensor and operational amplifier Market in the first half of the year; In addition, the conservative upstream strategy led to insufficient operation, and the limited production capacity was occupied by high value-added chips, resulting in a shortage of some medium and low-end power supplies and interface analog chips in the second half of the year; With the recovery of market demand for new energy and so onMLCCAnd passive devices represented by vehicle resistorstwo thousand and twentyThere was also a significant recovery in the second half of the year.



The figure above shows the pastthirteenWithin months,MCU/MPUMOSThe trading volume, turnover, average transaction price and page views of the management category can significantly reflect the surge in retaliatory procurement demand in March caused by the epidemic and resumption of work. In addition, different from other nodes of the year, the average transaction price and browsing volume of the two categories are in the same rangeelevenThe moon rose steeply.



The figure above shows the pastthirteenWithin months, the turnover, orders and customers of medical electronics and automotive electronics changed. Among them, the three indicators of medical electronics arefourThe highest value was recorded in January, which belongs to a significant industry wide hot spot. Since then, the range of activity is more obvious than that of automotive electronics. The highest value of turnover and orders during the reporting period of automotive electronics appeared inelevenMonth, but the number of customers did not exceedfourIn January, it showed an obvious shortage of automotive devices.


Typical case: component E-commerceeleven point one one


"Component e-commerce"eleven point one one”Concept from Lichuang malltwo thousand and sixteenThe annual rate is first initiated in the industry. According to incomplete statistics, the deadline istwo thousand and twentyYear alreadythirtyMore than e-commerce enterprises participated in such promotions, and the duration of activities ranged fromthreeDays to a month.



Component e-commerce has both customer and commodity functionsBEnd lineage and mode of operationCEnd characteristics, inB2CStimulated by the success of e-commerce in improving the discourse power of the supply chain, expanding the brand influence and increasing the transaction volume, component e-commerce have gone to the sea to try new products in recent five years.


The chip master Research Institute observed that the significant changes in e-commerce participation in the double ten one are: on the one hand, domestic e-commerce enterprises have a more positive attitude towards participation, which is reflected in the increasing number of participation, greater marketing investment and more promotion methods; On the other hand, including yiluomengArrow. cnSeveral international well-known e-commerce companies, including, have entered the market one after another.


This shows that the Chinese market with low online conversion rate of component procurement is of great importance under the epidemic, and the online procurement habits of domestic users are accelerating. Colleagues also see that component e-commerce enterprises continuously improve front and rear end infrastructure (upstream channelsIT, operation and warehousing logistics, etc.).


two thousand and twentyyearelevenmonthelevenSolsticethirteenOn the th, Lichuang mall held the thirdfiveLi Chuangeleven point one one”。 On the basis of transferring profits and giving back to customers in the past, this yeareleven point one oneIt is also integrated with making a list to send Tesla, live broadcasting to bring goodsPLUSA number of innovative elements, such as member purchase money, finally led to this "Lichuang"eleven point one one”A number of transaction data and customer participation have reached a new high, and have initially grown into a highly influential procurement event in the domestic component industry.


It is understood that,two thousand and twentyLi Chuangeleven point one one”The total turnover during the period isfive thousand and twentyMillion yuan, including enterprise customer contribution67.4%The industries with the most customers are industrial control and automation and automotive electronics. Generate total order overruntwo point threeTen thousand,SKUOver viewsthree hundred and fiftyTen thousand times, total picking in the storage systemSKUexceedseventeenTen thousand.


Among them, the categories most purchased by customers areMLCCMCU, interface chip, power chip and diode, etc.


The most popular international brands areTI(Texas Instruments)ST(STMicroelectronics)ON(ansenmey semiconductor)SAMSUNG(Samsung) andmuRata(Murata) etc.


The most popular Chinese brands are Fenghua hi techNexperia(ANSYS semiconductor), long crystal technologyGD(Zhaoyi innovation) andHDSC(Huada semiconductor) etc.


4、capital market


The screening and betting of top players in the capital market is close to the end, and platforms with the ability of industrial chain integration will be more favored.



bytwo thousand and twentyyearelevenIn June, the whole industry chain can be checked for financingtwo hundred and eighty-threeNumber of transactions (enterprises)one hundred and twenty-eightHome), the total amount is aboutnine hundred and twenty-sevenBillion yuan, includingICProportion of design quantity71.1%, the highest in the whole industry.


Compared totwo thousand and nineteenThe big money and noise of the year,two thousand and twentyIn, the e-commerce of components appeared calm. On the one hand, capital tends to be concentrated in leading enterprises. On the other hand, due to the impact of the epidemic, investment in the capital market tends to be conservative and stagnant.


However, this does not prevent them from betting on new models (such as flexible collaborative intelligent supply chain and cloud)FAETrading platform) and continue to contribute to the e-commerce platform that has already invested. At the same time, the announcement that Shenzhen Huaqiang plans to spin off Huaqiang electronic network for separate listing has still brought a certain positive signal to the capital market.


two thousand and twentyIn, due to the impact of the epidemic and the acceleration of online shopping, this was a bumper year for China's component e-commerce, and the revenue and profit of most enterprises reached a new high. According to incomplete statistics, the total investment amount obtained by local e-commerce platforms is aboutfiveBillion yuan, and mainly concentrated infourfiveCompany.


Although the local component e-commerce is still in its infancy, it can be predicted that the screening and bet of the capital market on the top players is close to the end, and the platform with the ability of industrial chain integration will be more favored.


two thousand and twentyIn, with the clear digital trend of electronic manufacturing industry, the competitiveness of leading enterprises continues to strengthen. Due to the clarity of track and players, a few enterprises with the competitiveness of the whole industry chain will produce a new round of explosive financing amount. Moreover, due to the increasingly concentrated and accurate silver bullet attack in the capital market, it is bound to give birth totwothreeCanadian dollar deviceB2BLeading enterprises in the fieldIPOThe road blows the assembly call.

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