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How to install a GPS antenna that can enhance the signal? What should we pay attention to?

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Guide: GPS antenna is widely used in life. It can locate and navigate the mobile phone or human body through satellite frequency. If you want to receive signals, you must be connected with the antenna. Therefore, the signal of the antenna directly affects whether the position can be determined accurately.GPS antennaThe signal is related to the place where the installation is carried out, so how can the installation enhance the GPS antenna signal? Take a look at the following text to make an introduction for you.

  1. Pay attention to the field of view of the installation

The GPS antenna should be installed with a wide field of vision, such as on the roof of the parking lot or surrounding buildings, as well as in the park playground, so as to be conducive to the installation and survey of the equipment. In order to enhance the GPS antenna signal, there should be no obstacles at a high external angle of 15 degrees, otherwise the satellite reception will be affected.

  2. Do regular monitoring

The installation distance of the antenna from the passing road shall not be greater than 300m, and there shall be a certain space for the receiver within 20m, which is conducive to the later operation. Local points should also be selected for stable setting and long-term preservation. It can also enhance the GPS antenna signal, place the GPS antenna on the roof, and regularly monitor the building to prevent its deformation and determine its stability.

  3. Avoid the influence of reflected waves

When installing GPS antenna, in order to avoid the influence of reflected wave on it, the antenna should be two meters away and more than 20 cm around. The antenna cannot be installed in other receiving and transmitting equipment. Prevent other antennas from causing radiation to the GPS antenna and reduce the signal.


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