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How much GPS antenna gain is normal? What are the factors that affect performance?

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Introduction: GPS is applied in all aspects of life, which is actually what we call the navigation system. By receiving the satellite signal, it can complete the function of positioning and navigation. The antenna is needed to receive the signal, so we call this antenna GPS antenna. In order to ensure the accuracy of the results and the strong signal, it is necessary to understand the GPS antenna gain. How much is normal? What factors affect performance?

  1. Ceramic sheet

The quality of ceramic powder and sintering process can directly affect the gain of GPS antenna. Nowadays, there are many specifications of ceramic chips used in the market. The larger the area, the greater the dielectric constant, and the better the receiving effect will be. Generally, it is a square design, which is also to ensure the consistent co vibration in the direction and achieve uniform reception of the signal.

  2. Amplifying circuit

The shape and area of the ceramic bearing GPS antenna, because GPS has the characteristics of bottom bounce, when the background is constantly enlarged, the gain effect of GPS antenna can be brought into full play. Although it is restricted by the appearance structure and other factors, it should also try to keep the area and shape uniform.

  3. Silver layer

GPS antenna gain will be affected by the silver layer on the surface. The normal frequency point should be 1575.42 Hz, but it is easily affected by the surrounding environment, especially the whole muscle is adjusted by the shape of rock coating.

Through the above text introduction, you should already know how much the GPS antenna gain is normal and what factors affect it. In order to ensure normal use and better signal, it should be installed correctly.


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