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When traffic meets Beidou

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  The river flows eastward

The stars in the sky participate in the Big Dipper

It's 9:43 today

Beidou global navigation system

The closing star was successfully launched!

The closing star of Beidou 3 ignited and took off.

The transportation industry is Beidou system

One of the largest civilian users

For a long time

The Ministry of transport attaches great importance to it

Apply Beidou system as

Construction of transportation power

An important support for the development of digital transportation

In 2005, the "Beidou satellite navigation system application leading group of the Ministry of transport" was established.

Jointly issued the first special plan for the application of Beidou satellite navigation system in the civil field, the special plan for the application of Beidou satellite navigation system in the transportation industry.

Expand the application scale of Beidou in key areas,Among them, there are 6.6657 million road operating vehicles, 51000 postal express transport vehicles and 8600 water navigation aids.Beidou system was installed and used on the first transport aircraft to achieve a zero breakthrough.

Accelerate the implementation of various Beidou demonstration projects and promote the application of Beidou System in key areas such as inland shipping, global shipping and international road transportation.

Take the overall lead in the construction of Beidou satellite search and rescue system.

In the field of water safety, road transportation and civil aviation application, Beidou has helped to "go global".

Continue to carry out research and pilot application of Beidou free flow charging technology.

Application of Beidou System in Mawan port.

Beidou helped China's first TIR transportation and provided technical support for the trial operation of China Russia international road transportation.

China Maritime Search and rescue information system demonstration project based on Beidou.  

Beidou is installed on freight vehicles.

Beidou radio emergency position indicator.  
With Beidou 3  

The last global networking satellite was successfully launched


Ministry of transport

Further clarify the application of Beidou system

Development objectives and main tasks

Make the next work plan    

❏ do a good job in top-level design and give play to the leading role of the transportation industry in the promotion and application of Beidou system.

❏ strengthen the supporting role of Beidou System Application in the construction of a transportation power and the development of digital transportation, and take the construction of infrastructure related to Beidou System in the industry as an important foothold of the national "new infrastructure" strategy in the industry.

❏ strengthen research on industrial Beidou system application policies and create a positive policy environment.

❏ continue to promote demonstration projects and drive the industrialization, scale, and internationalization of Beidou system applications in the industry.

In international maritimeInternational civil society organizationsUnder the framework of the air transport organization and the China Russia Sub Committee on transport cooperation,Promote the international application of Beidou system.

Based on the existing application achievements of Beidou system, further expand the application scale of Beidou in traditional fields of the industry.

Combined with the new generation of information technology, promote the application innovation and development of Beidou system industry, and take the lead in realizing industrialization and large-scale development in the fields of free flow charging, port automatic operation and automatic driving

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