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China Mobile 5g smart mine alliance was established, and the country's first 5g coal mine was completed in Shanxi Yangmei coal mine

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On June 18, the founding meeting of China Mobile 5g smart mine alliance and the completion ceremony of the country's first 5g coal mine were held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and video connection was made with the Beijing Branch venue. At the meeting, China Mobile established the "5g smart mine alliance" with more than 70 units such as Tsinghua University, China University of mining and Technology (Beijing), Yangmei group, China Coal Science and industry and Huawei, and announced that the first 5g coal mine in China was officially completed in Xinyuan coal mine of Yangmei group. Lin Wu, governor of Shanxi Province, Hu Yuting, executive vice governor, Yang Jie, chairman and Zhao Dachun, deputy general manager of China Mobile, Liu Feng, vice president of China Coal Association, Ge Shirong, President of China University of mining and Technology (Beijing), and Lu Nan, deputy director of the industrial Safety Management Department of the state coal regulatory bureau attended the event.

At the Beijing Branch venue, Yang Jie said that China Mobile earnestly implemented the contents of the 5g strategic cooperation agreement signed with the Shanxi provincial government, and worked with partners such as China Coal Science and industry, Yangmei group and Huawei to focus on remote control, HD monitoring and integrated networking of mine core production equipment. After less than a year of exploration and practice, It has created a number of national firsts in the field of 5g smart coal mine, effectively supported the mine's "mechanized replacement and automatic personnel reduction", and realized that the national 5g smart coal mine took the lead in "flowering and bearing fruit" in Shanxi, which is of far-reaching significance to further promote the integration of 5g into all industries and serve the public. Next, China Mobile will fully implement the "5g" plan, give full play to the role of 5g smart mine alliance, build a 5g new ecology of resource sharing, Ecological Symbiosis, mutual benefit and win-win and inclusive development, jointly promote the in-depth integration of industry, University, research and application, strive to quickly implement and promote first-class technologies, high-quality resources and innovative products on a large scale, and continue to give birth to new models, new business forms In the new scenario, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the mining industry, and promote 5g to truly become the aorta of social information flow, the accelerator of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the new cornerstone of digital society construction.

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At the main venue in Taiyuan, Hu Yuting said that Shanxi plans to build 10 intelligent demonstration coal mines and 50 intelligent demonstration fully mechanized mining faces within three years, basically realize the intellectualization of large coal mines, coal mines with serious disasters and other qualified coal mines in the province within five years, and basically realize the intellectualization of coal mines in the province by 2030. This time, the first 5g coal mine in China jointly built by China Mobile, Yangmei group and Huawei was officially completed, setting a new coordinate for the construction of modern coal mines in Shanxi and creating a new model for 5g scenario application. It is hoped that China Mobile 5g smart mine alliance will deeply cultivate Shanxi, further deepen Yangmei pilot, speed up the formulation of provincial standards for 5g smart mines, and promote the provincial standards to become industrial standards According to the national standard, build a 5g intelligent mine comprehensive industry university research base in Shanxi, export Shanxi scheme and contribute Shanxi wisdom for the intelligent mining of coal mines nationwide and even globally. Hu Yuting stressed that Shanxi Province will take 5g industry as the main direction of high-quality transformation and development. While developing "5g smart mine", Shanxi Province will vigorously promote scene applications such as "5g smart cultural tourism", "5g smart agricultural Valley", "5g smart city" and "5g industrial Internet", and speed up the construction of 5g network construction pilot area, industrial development cluster area and innovation application demonstration area.

It is reported that the "5g smart mine alliance" established this time will take 5g smart mine construction as the carrier, take "5g enabling industry, cooperation and ecological win-win" as the vision, cooperate with all parties to build a smart mine cooperation platform, accelerate the breakthrough of key core technologies, explore replicable and popularized business models, guide resource co construction and sharing, and form complementary advantages. The establishment of the alliance will help to further pool the strength of the industry, promote the prairie fire of 5g smart mines nationwide, and realize the integration and innovation of 5g and the mining industry in a wider range, deeper degree and higher level. Wang Guofa, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chief scientist of China Coal Science and industry group, Liu Dacheng, vice president of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhai Hong, chairman of Yangmei group, and Hao Guangming, President of global wireless network marketing of Huawei, spoke at the meeting as representatives of alliance members.

On the same day, the first 5g smart coal mine in China jointly built by China Mobile, Yangmei group and Huawei was officially completed. Xinyuan coal mine of Yangmei group realized the intelligent management of coal mine and solved many pain points in the coal industry by relying on the 5g private network of 534m underground "super Gigabit uplink" coal mine, which is the lowest 5g network in China. It is reported that China Mobile has joined hands with Huawei to develop full chain underground special communication equipment, obtained the first 5g network equipment flameproof certification in China, built a 5g special network 534 meters underground in Xinyuan coal mine of Yangmei group, and launched three 5g applications: unmanned inspection in Electromechanical chamber, unmanned operation in heading face and unmanned operation in fully mechanized mining face, helping the coal mine realize unmanned, automatic and visual operation. Among them, the application of unmanned inspection in Electromechanical chamber is tailored to solve the problem that electromechanical equipment in coal mining enterprises is prone to failure in the long-term operation process, which reduces the labor intensity and risk of staff and improves the inspection quality and efficiency. The application of unmanned operation in the heading face solves the problems of high risk coefficient and high labor intensity of traditional manual operation. It can carry out remote cutting and support operations, and realize the remote safe and accurate control of heading operation. The unmanned operation of the fully mechanized mining face solves the problems of large amount of cable maintenance and frequent loss of signals during the operation of underground equipment, and provides panoramic high-definition operation vision for remote operators, which not only effectively reduces the incidence of safety accidents in dangerous operation areas, but also saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

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The reporter learned that in recent years, China Mobile has insisted on accelerating 5g and other new infrastructure as a major political task, fully implemented the "5g" plan, accelerated the in-depth integration and development of 5g application scenarios and industrial manufacturing and other real economy, promoted 5g to integrate into all industries and serve the public, accelerated the digital, networked and intelligent upgrading of traditional industries, and targeted 15 subdivided industries, It is committed to building 100 group level 5g leading demonstration projects and cultivating 1000 provincial characteristic demonstration projects. In terms of 5g smart mine, China Mobile has actively built a benchmark case of smart mine around the two scenarios of underground and open-pit, in accordance with the expansion idea of "open-pit first and then underground", built the end-to-end delivery capacity of four scenarios of "unmanned mine card operation, unmanned mining, underground integrated networking and HD video monitoring", and formed 5g smart mine solutions. At present, China Mobile has promoted the implementation of 5g smart mine projects in Inner Mongolia Bayan Obo mine, Henan Luomo mine, Jiangxi Copper Mine and other open-pit mine scenarios. At the same time, it has successfully obtained the coal safety certification of the first set of 5g NSA networking key equipment in China, and actively promoted the implementation and application of 5g scenarios such as underground intelligent coal mining, intelligent patrol inspection and intelligent dispatching.

At the meeting, China Mobile also signed the "5g strategic cooperation agreement" with 24 partners, including coking coal group, Tongmei group, Jinmei group and Jinneng group, to further promote leading enterprises to form in-depth demonstration applications, release 5g industry value and enable industrial development.

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