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What interface is usb-c? USB type-C interface features:

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The USB-C interface may not be unfamiliar to everyone. Apple's recently released Mac 12 notebook is equipped with only one USB-C interface, which has become the focus of discussion among digital enthusiasts, and has also made more friends aware of the USB-C interface. What is the USB-C interface? What are its highlights and what is the difference between it and the familiar USB interface? With a series of questions, this article will reveal them one by one.

What is the USB-C interface?

The full name of the USB-C interface is USB Type-C, which belongs to the next-generation interface of USB 3.0. Its highlights lie in a slimmer design, faster transmission speed (up to 10Gbps), stronger power transmission (up to 100W), and in addition The USB-C interface also supports double-sided insertion, which is more advanced than USB2.0/USB3.0.

USB-C and USB transfer speed comparison

The USB-C interface was in December 2013, and the USB 3.0 promotion team had already announced the rendering of the next-generation USB Type-C connector, and then it was ready for mass production in August 2014, and it is now in smart It has been adopted in mobile phones and notebooks. For example, the Nokia N1 tablet and the new Mac 12 notebook released by Apple in 2015 all use the USB-C interface, which can be simply understood as the fourth-generation USB interface.

USB Type-C interface features:

1. Ultra-thin

The old USB port is 14mm * 6.5mm long, while the USB-C is only 8.4mm * 2.6mm.

2, regardless of the positive and negative

Like the Lightning interface, there is no problem whether it is plugged in or out, and it is claimed to be able to withstand 10,000 repeated plugging and unplugging.

3. Fast transmission speed

The maximum transfer rate of the USB-C port is 10Gb per second, which is a lot faster than USB3.0.

4. Two-way transmission

Unlike older USB ports, where power can only be transferred in one direction, the USB-C port's power transfer is bidirectional, which means it can have two ways of sending power.

5. Strong power supply capability

The standard cable with Type-C connector can pass 3A current, and also supports "USB PD" beyond the existing USB power supply capability, which can provide a maximum power of 100W.

6. Backward compatibility

USB-C can be compatible with the old USB standard, but users need to buy an additional adapter to complete the compatibility.

What is the difference between USB-C and USB?

Through the introduction of the USB-C interface above, I believe that everyone is very clear about the difference between USB-C and USB interface. In short, the new generation of USB-C has faster transmission speed, stronger power transmission, smaller interface size, and supports two-way transmission, and is more compatible than USB.

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