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Introduction to the basic performance indicators of aluminum alloy cables used by Kinghelm

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Golden Navigator Kinghelm Company (www.bds666.com) Golden Navigator Kinghelm Electronics is a professional R&D and manufacturing enterprise of Beidou GPS antenna RF microwave connector integrating development, design, manufacture and marketing. RJ45 network connector interface, RF microwave adapter cable connector, coaxial cable connector, type-c connector interface, hdmi interface terminal, SMA adapter pin header and female header, FPC cable FFC antenna, hdmi interface usb connection products such as connectors, etc., and now introduce products such as kinghelm's customized non-standard connectors, adapter cables, cables and wires for customers. Now I will introduce the aluminum alloy cables that are often used in Jinnaobiao products.


1. Core compression coefficient

There are certain differences in the process structure and auxiliary materials of aluminum alloy cables and traditional power cables. The conductors of aluminum alloy cables are made of aluminum alloy monofilaments. The compression coefficient of the core reaches 97%, and the conductors are very dense. Compared with the traditional copper core cable and aluminum core cable, the difference can be seen obviously in the conductor cross section (the traditional cable production process, the compression coefficient of the core can only reach about 82%).

2. Flexibility

    The aluminum alloy cable is controlled by AA-8000 series aluminum alloy wire, adding appropriate amount of copper (Cu), iron (Fe), magnesium (Mg), zinc; ... and rare earth aluminum intermediate alloy materials developed through a special synthesis annealing process The high-tech new environmentally friendly and energy-saving power cable has super flexibility of conductors. This super flexibility can ensure that the safety performance of aluminum alloy cables in practical applications reaches or even exceeds that of copper core cables. brings a huge advantage. In the actual inspection and judgment, the direct hand folding test can show that the aluminum alloy conductor is very flexible, and can be repeatedly folded or repeatedly wound like a rope, and the aluminum alloy monofilament is destructively folded. The experimental conclusion requires at least 18 round trips to appear cracks or The phenomenon of fracture, and the ordinary aluminum core monofilament is generally folded three times to produce cracks, and it must be broken five times. An important disadvantage of ordinary aluminum wire is its high brittleness. As long as it is twisted at a certain angle during installation, the conductor will crack. The crack will heat up and corrode, which is an important cause of fire, which is also the fatal reason why it cannot be widely used.


RF Cable-KHB(RG178)-kinghelm

3. Cable structure

   The aluminum alloy cable core adopts the method of pressing and plying, the conductor cross-section is a round core (the traditional cable core is multi-purpose), and the insulation adopts the insulation process of three-color co-extruded cross-linked polyethylene. The cores are arranged regularly and the whole cable is round Full flexibility.

4. Shiny wire core

    Due to the optimization of the conductor crystal results by the rare earth alloy material added in the smelting process, the aluminum alloy conductor has a bright and bright cross-section of the wire core and high brightness, which is significantly different from the traditional aluminum core cable.

5. Creep performance

   The creep performance of the alloy conductor is basically the same as that of the copper core conductor. It is known through experiments that the yield strength of the copper conductor is 6.0, and that of the alloy conductor is 5.4, which is basically the same as that of the copper conductor, which is 300% of that of the aluminum core conductor.

6. Extended performance

    Elongation is an important indicator of the mechanical properties of the conductor, and an important indicator of the quality of the product and its ability to withstand external forces. It is also an important indicator for testing the mechanical properties of cable conductors. The elongation rate of aluminum alloy cable after annealing treatment can reach 30%, while the elongation rate of copper cable is 30%, and the elongation rate of ordinary aluminum rod is 15%, which is an important indicator to replace copper cable.



                                                                                          RF cable KHB(RG316)-MCX-50-kinghelm

7 . Tensile strength

    The aluminum alloy conductor is only half of that of the copper conductor (113.8:220MPa). Since the density of the aluminum alloy is only 30.4% of that of the copper conductor, even if the cross-sectional area of the aluminum alloy conductor is increased to 150% of that of the copper conductor under the premise of the same electrical performance, The weight of the aluminum alloy conductor is only 45% of that of the copper conductor, which makes the tensile strength of the aluminum alloy conductor have a certain advantage over the copper conductor. In large-span power engineering, due to its specific gravity advantage, its tensile strength advantage is particularly prominent under the equivalent premise. It not only saves a lot of bridge frames and reduces the labor intensity of installation engineers, but also speeds up the installation process, saves the construction period, and greatly reduces the overall installation cost.

8. Anti-corrosion performance

    The aluminum alloy conductor itself has excellent corrosion resistance. The good corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy conductor can be derived from the inherent anti-corrosion properties of the aluminum material. When the surface is in contact with the air, a dense oxide film with a thickness of about 2 to 4 μm will be formed immediately. , This layer of oxide film is very dense, especially resistant to various forms of corrosion, so it has the characteristics of withstanding the harshest environments, and its actual service life is more than 10 years longer than that of copper cables. (Referring to the actual use situation abroad, considering the current use time of 40 years in European and American countries, its actual service life is more durable than copper cables)

 9. Electrical performance

  The resistivity of aluminum alloy is between aluminum and copper, slightly higher than that of aluminum, but lower than that of copper. Under the premise of the same cutoff, the weight of an aluminum alloy conductor of the same length is only half of that of copper. If the conductivity of copper is 100%, the conductivity of the alloy conductor is about 62.5%, the specific gravity of the alloy is 2.7, and the specific gravity of copper is 8.9, then (8.9/2.7)×(0.612/1)=2, that is The resistance of 2 unit weight of copper is the same as that of 1 unit weight of alloy, so when the cross-sectional area of the alloy conductor is 1.5 times that of copper, its electrical properties are the same, that is, the same interception, resistance, and voltage loss.


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