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Ma Huateng: the new infrastructure is a "highway", the data is a new "oil", and the industrial Internet is a "smart car"

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Ma Huateng published a signed article:

Promote "cloud" and "number" to build industrial Internet

The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought great impact on economic and social development. In the anti epidemic, the digital economy has shown strong development resilience and played an important role in ensuring people's life and study, supporting the resumption of work and production, and boosting the economy. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the added value of China's information transmission, software and information technology services increased by 13.2% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year.

Recently, the state has actively arranged new infrastructure and cultivation of data elements, assisted the development of new business forms and new models of digital economy with measures such as "using data to enrich intelligence in the cloud", injected strong development potential energy into the digital economy, and promoted a new stage of high-quality development with new infrastructure as the strategic cornerstone, data as the key element and industrial Internet as the advanced stage.

New infrastructure is the strategic cornerstone of the development of digital economy

Information infrastructure represented by 5g, artificial intelligence and data center, as an important part of new infrastructure, is the strategic cornerstone of the development of digital economy. Like the traditional infrastructure, the new infrastructure is a major strategic project related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. At the same time, it serves both production and life. It needs long-term planning and top-level design. Different from the traditional infrastructure, the new infrastructure is less limited by physical space, can be efficiently configured across regions and periods, and has stronger flexibility and toughness against emergencies. More importantly, the fields where the new infrastructure is located are sunrise industrial clusters formed based on digital technologies such as cloud computing and big data, which are in a period of rapid development. Although it is impossible to form fixed assets as quickly as traditional infrastructure investment to stimulate economic growth in the short term, it has great long-term development potential and is an important focus for China to change the mode of economic development and achieve high-quality development.

The relationship between new infrastructure and traditional infrastructure is complementary rather than mutually exclusive. In fact, with the increasing maturity of digital technology and the increasing number of application scenarios, traditional infrastructure such as railway, highway and airport is becoming more and more intelligent and automated, and the combination with digital technology is becoming closer and closer. In the future, new infrastructure and traditional infrastructure will be deeply integrated, and the boundary will gradually blur, so as to jointly serve the long-term and healthy development of the economy and continuously improve people's living standards.

Data is a key factor in the development of digital economy

The form of production factors changes with the economic development. More than 300 years ago, William & middot, who was called "the father of political economics" by Marx; Petty put forward the famous thesis that "labor is the father of wealth and land is the mother of wealth". After the industrial revolution, capital, knowledge, technology and management have become new factors of production and sources of wealth.

With the convergence of digital technology and human production and life, global data shows the characteristics of explosive growth and massive agglomeration. Data has increasingly become an important strategic resource and new production factor. *** The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee first proposed to participate in the distribution of data as factors of production. The CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the opinions on building a more perfect system and mechanism for market-oriented allocation of factors, taking data as a production factor side by side with land, labor, capital and technology, and requiring "accelerating the cultivation of data factor market".

Data elements involve many links such as data production, collection, storage, processing, analysis and service. They are the "combustion promoter" driving the development of digital economy and have a wide impact on value creation and productivity development. The central government regards data as a new factor of production, which is of great significance to give full play to the multiplier effect of data on the efficiency of other factors. We should adhere to the basic principle of simultaneous development and utilization and security protection, fully release data dividends, constantly bridge the digital divide, and promote the development of digital economy to a new stage of industrial Internet.

Industrial Internet is an advanced stage of the development of digital economy

At present, the focus of digital economy development is shifting from consumer Internet to industrial Internet. Taking enterprises as the main users and improving efficiency and optimizing configuration as the core theme, industrial Internet is an advanced stage of the development of digital economy. On September 30, 2018, we proposed a new strategy of "taking root in consumer Internet and embracing industrial Internet", which triggered an upsurge of industrial Internet. During the epidemic prevention and control period, new formats and models of typical industries such as remote office, online education, health code and smart retail developed rapidly. Digital technology played an important role in epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production and enhancing the resilience of the national economy. The development of industrial Internet pressed the fast forward key.

On April 7, 2020, the national development and Reform Commission and the central network information office jointly issued the implementation plan on promoting the action of "using data to enrich intelligence in the cloud" to cultivate new economic development, clearly put forward the idea of "building a multi-layer linkage industrial Internet platform" and strive to promote the action of digital transformation partners. Accelerating the formulation and implementation of the national strategy for industrial Internet and using digital technology to help all walks of life and public service institutions realize digital transformation and upgrading have increasingly become an important way for China's high-quality economic development and the modernization of national governance capacity. In this context, Tencent is more determined to become a "digital assistant" in all walks of life, and launched the "digital Ark" plan to help the digital transformation in the six fields of "agriculture, industry, commerce, education, medical tourism".

The rapid development of industrial Internet puts forward higher requirements in network, computing power, algorithm and security. There is an urgent need to further accelerate the construction of new infrastructure with 5g, data center, artificial intelligence and Internet of things as the core content. Therefore, the new infrastructure is the "digital soil", the strategic cornerstone of the development of digital economy, and will provide basic guarantee and necessary conditions for the development of industrial Internet. On the other hand, the industrial Internet is the market pioneer of the new infrastructure and the source of demand for the new infrastructure, which will feed the new infrastructure from top to bottom. Accurate study and judgment of the development trend of industrial Internet will help to identify the main direction of infrastructure construction and avoid blind investment. As a key production factor, data perception, collection, transmission, storage, calculation, analysis and application actually run through every link of the integrated development of new infrastructure and industrial Internet.

Taken together, the new infrastructure, data elements and industrial Internet are closely linked and promote each other. Some experts liken the relationship between the three to "road, oil and vehicle".The new infrastructure is a "highway" leading to a comprehensive digital society, data is a new "oil" driving the development of digital economy, and the industrial Internet is an efficient "smart car".Of course, this is only a general analogy. In fact, the relationship between the three is much more complex than "road, oil and vehicle". For example, the underlying business forms such as IAAs (infrastructure as a service) of the industrial Internet actually have the function of "road". As long as "road, oil and vehicle" develop together, we will be able to build a resilient digital ecological community, including online and offline enterprises, government departments, scientific research institutes, public welfare institutions and users. Tencent will adhere to the concept of "science and technology for the good", focus on making connections and tools, become a digital assistant in all walks of life, build a new ecology with partners, and help the deep integration of new infrastructure, data elements and industrial Internet. If all parties are interdependent and promote each other to jointly prosper the digital economy ecology, they can work together to promote the dynamic change, efficiency change and quality change of economic development, and improve the National Digital competitiveness.

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