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Type-C: do you really understand this universal interface? (I)

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When it comes to type-C, most people may think of the charging plug of the mobile phone for the first time. It not only has a simple appearance, but also avoids the inconvenience of inserting the plug forward and backward. Of course, what is more beneficial to the people is that mobile phones equipped with type-C plug generally have the function of fast charging. I believe many Huawei users have experienced the tense moment of rapid rescue in 30 seconds and inserted it for a few minutes, There are nearly forty or fifty more electricity.

below,Golden beaconLet's talk to you:tape-CDo you really understand the universal interface?

1. What is USB?

To understand type-C, we must first know what USB interface is. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a universal serial bus with 5V voltage, which supports plug and play and hot plug function. USB was born in 1994. It was jointly launched by Compaq, IBM, Intel and Microsoft to unify the interfaces of peripherals such as printers, external modems, scanners and mice. As the most commonly used interface, USB4 has been developed for 25 years since the first internal version in 1994. With the continuous upgrading of USB transmission protocol, the data transmission speed has doubled,

In our common USB interface, there are many copper wires to transmit data, but the copper wire is only conductive. It can't directly transmit the data we need. At this time, we need the help of transmission protocol. In the USB transmission protocol, the chip controls the voltage of the USB interface to change according to the content to be transmitted, so as to achieve the purpose of data transmission. We often say USB2 0,USB3. 0,USB3. 1. Thunder and lightning 3 are data transmission protocols.

2. The birth of type-C

In usb1 0 to USB2 In the era of 0, there were many interface shapes. Due to the slow transmission speed of early protocols, most of the interfaces at that time were four wires, the left and right sides were used for charging, and the middle was used to transmit data. The most common types are type-A and micro-b. needless to say, type-A is one of our most common interfaces. Micro-b is also known as "Android port" in earlier years. However, with people's higher and higher data transmission speed and faster requirements for charging speed, the four cables obviously can not meet our needs. Therefore, the newly designed new type-A, Type-B and micro-b with faster usb3 0 protocol.

The new interface adds five wires on the basis of the original four wires, but the socket with such a large space has serious defects on the mobile phone with an inch of land and gold in the internal space, so most of the Android machines use the previous old micro-b interface. However, in the same period, apple equipped the iPhone 5 with a new lighting interface. The lighting interface has eight wires, which has faster data transmission speed and supports positive and negative plug-in. The key is that the volume is very small, which completely defeated the micro-b interface on Android phones in the same period. Android phones urgently need a better interface to save face. Finally, in 2014, the type-C interface came out.

The above is the relevant introduction brought by the Xiaobian of golden beacon. I hope it will help you. Thank you for reading!


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