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Type-C: do you really understand this universal interface? (II)

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Now, let's talk to you:tape-CDo you really understand the universal interface?

1. Advantages of type-C

The type-C interface has 24 lines in total, which can provide 40Gbps transmission bandwidth and 100W charging power of 20v5a in total. The outer metal protective shell not only supports the positive and negative insertion, but also effectively provides the protection effect. Because of the excellent performance of the type-C interface, it can carry a variety of protocols, such as the traditional USB2 0,USB3. 0 protocol, or QC protocol for charging, PD fast charging protocol, HDMI protocol and DP protocol for connecting the display, so it can be said that type-C is a universal interface. However, the current agreement still can not give full play to the real strength of type-c.

In addition to excellent data, when the notebook is connected to the external display device, using the type-C interface does not need to use another power cord to power the notebook. The keyboard and mouse can also control the notebook through the usb-a interface on the display, that is, the extended function of USBhub. This not only solves the problem of messy desktop wires, but also makes it more convenient to transfer the equipment. When you get off work or have a meeting, you can pull out a type-C cable, which greatly improves the efficiency. This is a function that cannot be realized by traditional HDMI and DP interfaces. Don't forget, the phone also has a type-C interface. Meeting to discuss the plan and holding the notebook? Only one display supporting type-C interface and one mobile phone can complete conference communication. One line = n lines, enjoy lightweight office. Therefore, the usbtype-c interface is not only easy to plug in, but also highly compatible with the equipment. It can not only realize high-standard data transmission and power supply, but also the top level in the specification of video signal transmission.

2. Fast charging of type-C

At present, various new products of high-end notebooks and two in one tablets will support type-C interface, compared with usb3 The 9 pin of 0 is upgraded to the current 24 pin, and the data transmission pin is doubled. The newly added CC pin can be used for PD charging. This function is also known as usbpd fast charging. Type-C seat has small volume, convenient use, multiple functions, complete supporting wires, and the use and promotion of international brands. It is believed that type-C will undoubtedly unify the interface of consumer electronic products in the near future.

In the era of type-C, using the display with usb-c port expansion can effectively reduce the number of cables. With the wider application of type-C, people's work or learning efficiency will be more efficient and life will be more convenient.

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