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Beidou application - these Railway "black technologies" are actually related to Beidou?

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Escort intelligent high speed railway

Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is the first intelligent high speed railway in the worldBeidou navigation systemAnd other cutting-edge technologies, the intelligent Fuxing EMU with a speed of 350 km / h has realized automatic driving for the first time in the world, and the train has realized automatic operation in the section, automatic parking at the station and automatic door opening after parking.

Based on Beidou satellite and GIS technology, Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway has deployed a "positioning" network, which can provide intelligent services for the whole process of construction, operation, dispatching, maintenance and emergency.

Precise positioning of China Europe train

At present, China Europe trains connect 72 cities in 21 countries. Beidou satellite can track the operation track of China Europe trains with positioning accuracy of less than 10 meters. The cargo owner can view the operation of China Europe trains at any time on the mobile client.


The haul distance of China Europe trains is more than 10000 kilometers. Most of the time, they will pass through no man's land. There is no mobile communication signal in those places. In the past, when the train passed through these areas, the signal was lost and there is no way to save it. Now, after Beidou Positioning System is installed, the train operation data can be recorded in real time. After the train runs to a place with mobile communication signal, it can be sent back to China Europe train operation service center to ensure the integrity of the information.

Real time monitoring of cold chain logistics

The cold storage cold chain equipment system of railway cold chain logistics adopts the way of Beidou Positioning and data platform to realize real-time monitoring of transportation location, and the transportation data can be traced later, which improves the user experience and transportation quality.

Release early warning information around the clock

Meanwhile, Beidou helps to realize all-weather and real-time monitoring of railway equipment and facilities and the environment along the line, so as to improve the ability of railway disaster prevention and control.

Beidou infrastructure monitoring application and Beidou based single line CTC system can carry out automatic and high-precision monitoring of on-site work sites, collect original monitoring data, preprocess the data, and realize the functions of calculation and analysis of monitoring data and release of early warning information.

Application diagram of Beidou monitoring system in Haoji Railway

Five key bridges and six key slopes along the Haoji railway adopt Beidou based high-precision displacement and deformation monitoring technology for long-term monitoring of infrastructure, which can not only ensure the real-time and continuity of monitoring, effectively obtain trend information, but also ensure high precision and automation, so as to increase the guarantee for line safety.

Beidou monitoring point on Longmen Yellow River Bridge of Haoji Railway

Timely control locomotive status

Through Beidou satellite navigation system, China locomotive remote monitoring and diagnosis system (CMD system) can timely transmit locomotive fault, alarm information, locomotive position information and locomotive state change information to the ground system, and complete the collection, processing and transmission of vehicle to ground and ground to vehicle data.

View of CMD system in Kunming Locomotive Depot

Functional departments can timely grasp locomotive fault, alarm information, locomotive position information and locomotive work quality status. The convenience and effectiveness of locomotive quality control by locomotive stewards have been greatly improved.

Unified railway system clock

In the process of railway operation, if the clocks of train operation equipment dispatching system and multiple signal subsystems are not synchronized, it will bring potential safety hazards to train operation. With the development and application of China's Beidou system, the railway department has gradually promoted the use of Beidou satellite navigation system as the clock synchronization clock source to ensure uniform and accurate time.

The railway monitoring system of Guangzhou Bureau Group Company uses Beidou system for time service

China Railway Guangzhou Bureau Group Co., Ltd. realizes clock synchronization with Beidou satellite through Beidou clock synchronization system, and provides comprehensive time service for dispatching command system, centralized signal monitoring system, computer interlocking system, train control system, etc.

Beidou clock synchronization system of Guangzhou Bureau Group Company

Assist in the construction of key railway projects

Beidou satellite positioning system has played an important role in many key railway projects.

During the construction of Wufengshan Yangtze River Bridge, the world's first high-speed railway suspension bridge, a large open caisson foundation construction real-time monitoring system based on Beidou Positioning Technology is established to monitor the geometric attitude, structural stress, mud surface elevation and other data of the open caisson in real time, statistically analyze the data change and trend, and provide technical support for scientific decision-making.

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