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Common electronic product interfaces (very complete, worthy of collection)

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Video interface:

In our life, we see many video interfaces on TV sets, computers, projection equipment, various players, video input and output interfaces of codecs of video conference products and monitoring products, especially on graphics cards, there are usually three or more interfaces.Many people don't understand the difference between these video interfaces, which are analog interfaces, which are digital interfaces, which can transmit high-definition images, etc. they think that as long as there is picture output, it's not the case for many monitors. Today, let's make a detailed introduction to the video interface.


audio interface:

When we use electronic products, especially digital audio products, the first thing we often face is wiring. In addition to the power cord, there are a lot of dense audio interfaces, and some people may not know how to connect.Today, let's learn about several common audio interfaces. I believe I will have a new understanding of the interfaces on many audio devices after reading

Memory card interface:

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