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Design details of WMS warehouse management system based on RFID technology

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First, the RFID system and WMS system function introduction

(一)Inbound task assignment

1WMS automatically uses a certain rule to allocate the "Intrinsic Line" allocation, generate the "Intrinsic Job Task Order";

2According to a certain business rule, the "Intrinsic Work Task Single" automatically assigns the corresponding ingredient group, and sends it to the handheld PDA of the dealership leader, and the dealer is confirmed or adjusted to the task assignment on the handheld PDA. And send the information back to WMS; WMS dispatch information according to the task confirmed by the dealer, put the "Guan Guan Job Task Order" on the handheld PDA of the corresponding ingredient group, and the intensive PDA is in the handheld PDA. The task of the task conducts check-in confirmation and feeds the relevant information to WMS. At this time, the receiving job is started;

3WMS decomposes the "Getting Operation Task Single" into a multi-group order command according to certain business rules, and sends a hand-held RFID read and write terminal that is sent to the corresponding electric tray driver by the classification (first floor, non-first layer). Or the high-speed car RFID read and write terminal.


1The address allocation module in the WMS will be written to the load-bearing information of each tray to the tray electronic tag for each tray.

2When the tray driver manipulates the tray to close the tray, the car or hand-held RFID read and write terminal reads the tray electronic tag information, showing the tray target load, the tray driver transports the tray to the storage area where the tray is located;

3The high-speed forklift driver operates near the shelf tray, the RFID terminal on the forklift reads the tray electronic tag information, and places the tray cargo on the specified carbon, and read the goods electronic tag information;

4The WMS automatically checks the correctness of the tray and its stipulations, if the feedback back to WMS is constructed, regardless of the completion of the shelf job, if not, the sound warning and error status prompt are issued so that the operator is checked and returned.

5After the operation is completed, the "Introduction Task Order" and "Inventory" are complete, update the WMS data.

(三)Tray adjustment

1When the disc is disassembled, the operator reads the hand-held RFID read and write terminal reads the removal of the tray electronic tag related information, and reads the barcode that removes the goods, and feeds the information to WMS to release the original cargo / tray association;
2When the platter is confusing, the hand-held RFID read and write terminal reads into the tray related information, reads the barcode to move into the cargo, and feeds the information to WMS, re-establishing new cargo / tray associations, updating the inventory and bid information in WMS.

(四)Carbon adjustment

1The vehicle or hand-held RFID read / write terminal reads the electronic tag information that removes the tray and the transferred load, and the relationship between the load and the tray is released;

2The forklift driver or tray driver moved out of the tray to move into the new goods;

3Car or handheld RFID read and write terminal read down the load electronic tag related information, re-establish the correlation between the tray and the transferred load, and feedback the information to WMS, WMS real-time update inventory information.


1The owner is entry into the "Transport Application Form" in the system and sent to WMS.

2WMS is processed to the "Transport Application Form%%

Outlet scheduling

WMS handles the "trunk logistics task order%%

Outbound task assignment
1WMS will have allocated the "Outline Job Task Order" of the following frame, automatically assigned to the ingredient group, pallet vehicle group and forklift driver according to a certain logic relationship; forming a job strategy;
2Send the allocation scheme to the handheld PDA of the dealer. The dealer team confirms or modifies the allocation scheme on the handheld PDA and send the information back to WMS. WMS will go out of the library job task to the specified system of handheld, and the pencil leader checks to the confirmation of the group members participating in this job task on the handheld PDA. The relevant information is fed back to WMS, and Personnel do a good job in loading;
3WMS Subtocate (First Floor, Non-First Floor) Sends the Outline Job Task Dip to the corresponding electric tray driver's hand-held RFID read and write terminal or high-speed car RFID read and write terminal, the corresponding operator is pressed The instruction is subjected to the entry operation of the real thing.
Out of the ware
1When there is a cargo outlet, the forklift driver is close to the designated carried by the directive, and the car RFID reads and writes and write terminals (or handheld RFID read / write terminals) read the relevant information of the loaded electronic tag and the information on the tray electronic label, Instantly, the lower shelf instruction, the load and the matching check of the trays, confirmed that the tray is removed, complete the tray to lower the opener, and feedback the relevant information to the WMS background.
2When the number of goods in the library is not enough, the tray is removed according to the above method, extracts the goods that need to be released, transferred to another empty tray, and disassembled according to the standards of the No. 1 engineering, the remaining cargo trays by WMS Arrange the appropriate stages to store and update related information.
Transport library
1The tray driver drives the tray car near the cut tray, reads and writes the tray electronic tag information with hand, check the owner of the tray, the quantity, the quantity, the quantity of the quadrant, according to the terminal number specified by the WMS, use the tray number The tray is delivered to the outbound tentative area before the designated pier waiting to be loaded.
2The pilot person reviews the goods of the outbound temporary storage area, collects the barcodes of any of the goods on each tray with hand-held PDA, and obtains the data of all the goods on all trays of the goods on the WMS, and "out of the library" Task Single "Automatic checking, when there is a difference, WMS issues an alert at the fixed terminal and the mobile terminal.

Transmission out of the library
When loading, start the fixed RFID reader at the entrance of the terminal, start the loading operation. The operator uses a manual tray to pull the entire tray to the carriage. When the tray passes through the terminal door entrance, the fixed RFID reader installed at the entrance reads the electronic tag related information on the moving tray, which is written by the WMS background. The tray is used to verify the information of the loading dock number, the tray ID number, the number of goods on the tray, etc. At the same time, real-time statistics movement of goods information, and feedback the transfer goods information back to WMS for transmission.
After the installation is completed, the WMS update "Transmission Out" status is completed, updated inventory information.
十一Sorting out library handover
1Intelligent scheduling system imports retail customer order information (including rules, quantity, line, order, etc.) into WMS, generates a sorting list.
2WMS imports the sorting process in the sorting system, and distributes the sorting outbound task to generate the library job task order, and pick up the labeling of the workers according to the strategy of recycling system and the strategy of the recycled replenishment. Under the shelf instruction.
3After the tray is removed, the operator manipulates the tray to close the target tray, and uses hand to read and write terminals to read the tray electronic tag information (the owner, the rules, quantity, outline type, etc.), and the sorting out of the library command and the tray After the verification is correct, the whole tray cargo is transported to the sorting area specified according to the command.
4When the whole pallet goods are specified in the channel entrance, the RFID read and write terminal at the entrance automatically read the data packet of the cargo bar code in the tray electronic tag. By decrypting the corresponding cargo barcode information, the cargo bar code information in the tray electronic tag Upload the WMS system, promptly feedback from the WMS system to the No. 1 engineering scan code system, complete the "third sweep" of the previous project, and the data back to the WMS, and the processing of the distribution of the warehouse in WMS, Enter the sorting distribution process.
Before the inventory, the dispatcher selection the desired inventory policy to generate the corresponding inventory instruction. When the real plate, the inventory person uses the hand-held RFID read and write the information (ID number) of the electronic label (ID number), and returns to the WMS, get the goods information on the load from the WMS, and write the terminal in the handheld RFID. On the display, the inventory person is checked with the live inform, and the verification result is recorded on the handset and sent back to WMS. After the inventory is completed, the WMS is generated by the WMS and the profile table.

二、RFID and WMS system docking advantages
Quick access library management
When the goods enter the warehouse, the fixed RFID read device is installed at the entrance of the warehouse or automatically identify the goods in the library through the handheld device. Since the electronic tag is installed on each package, it can be identified as a single product, while the RFID is Multiple readability, you can identify a lot of labels at a time in order to achieve a quick storage.
Personnel management of classified permissions
Personnel management can be divided into authority management and VIP personnel management.
1.Permission personnel management:
①Classify the people and the authority to personnel and the permissions to the personnel involved in the warehouse management
②Personnel information comparison function, judgment personnel access rights;
③Multi-level user privileges, different people have different entry and exemptions and subscribe permissions;
④The output function is used to use with the liquid crystal display, and the management results are convenient.
⑤The personnel passing time records and database interactions, storage data information, and real-time filing are convenient for query.
⑥Dedicated RFID electronic tags can be positioned in the tray, while fast inventions and access library jobs can be achieved.
2.VIP personnel management:
Leaders wear exclusive VIP personnel labels. When the label enters an antenna, the LED display displays a pre-set welcome word.
Visualization inventory management
Click on each shelf, you can query the shelf inventory in real time. There are tags containing electronic chips on each item, showing fast inventory, timely understanding inventory information, easy to control reasonable inventory
Clear delivery management
The electronic label is attached to the shelf or exclusive container, and the load is accurately positioned. The significance of positioning to the goods is:
①Quickly and accurately find the specific location of the goods;
②The specific cargo information contained in the belonging label is convenient for the goods to find goods;
③Easy to invent, when the inventory is required, as long as the draw information is scanned;
④Convenient automation.
Quick Count and Accurate Find Management
Fast inventory can be achieved through the shelf label and the pallet tab, while the corresponding relationship of the items on the shelf label and the shelf can quickly find the target item.
For example: need to take item A, only need to enter the product name A, which is known to the system, can quickly know accurate information such as the storage position, number of item A.

Turn ordinary forklift into smart forklift
Install a dedicated RFID reader and display on the forklift, send instructions to the driver through the system, the forklift driver only needs to work according to the command provided by the system, such as: The system receives an instruction to take the XX model cable, then the system will automatically analyze The model of the cable is stored in inventory, and the driver is directly extracted with the principle of advanced first.
Change ordinary vehicles to achieve real-time monitoring intelligent traffic platforms

Through the logistics transportation GPS monitoring service management system, management and use of good logistics transport vehicles, ready to understand the driving status of the vehicle, and the purpose of safeguarding the car, human security.
Good extensibility and forward-looking

The system has good expansion capabilities, which can easily have seamless docking with business existing systems, and strong forward-looking capabilities, which can achieve future expansion.

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