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RFID Material Management System Helps my country Space Station to achieve digital material management

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As of June 23, China's three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Liu Biming, and Tanghongbo have lived for 6 days in our space station. In this 6 days, their work can be said to be extremely busy. From the screen released on the 18th, we can see that on the same morning, three astronauts have breakfast while having breakfast, and the surroundings are ready to open, you can see a lot of binding belts in the space station. On the 23rd, the parcels in the basic core cabin have disappeared. We can see that the astronauts have already arranged the national flag, the party flag, and installed the display in the top of the core cabin, and the cabiat space service has been unpacking test. .

In fact, the astronauts have been wrapped in these days, but it is not as simple as we think, it is a courier for the home. Because new days and core cabins have become a big flat layer from a living room from the past Tiangong laboratory, his space is still limited. If there is no space station's material management system, it is a big chaos. At this point, the US International Space Station has problems.

The International Space Station has been running more than 20 years since the establishment, so the total transportation and management of the materials have exceeded 500,000 pieces, which is an extremely large number. The actual international space station is a material management system, ie the use of barcode-based material information query systems. Astronauts use barcode readers to scan barcode tabs on the package by one by one, update the material information management database by wireless or wired, and realize the space station to identify the space station. These material information management data inventory is placed on a laptop and ground computer, updated by uploading and submitting.



However, this system is defective, and the most important disadvantage is that it is unable to realize the accurate positioning after the goods are registered. Therefore, astronauts at the International Space Station will take at least 20 minutes a day to study the materials system. Their biggest problem is to find which items in the space station, these items are stored in and when they are used. Such troubles mean that a large amount of material is missing or damaged. According to statistics, about 3% of the space station materials are missing. For example, if it has occurred in 2006, 4 purified cans that have occurred in purification space clothes are completely found in the space station.


The new material management system of my country's space station is the main improvement is the use of RFID radio range, that is, all materials have ultra-thin micro chips and an antenna in plastic sheets, fiber paper and other materials. RFID tags. Compared to the bar code system of the International Space Station, RFID radio range is automatically identified, and the fast and accurate automatic identification is achieved.



Especially through this new radio exotic identification technology, it makes the material from the past single bar code, with information that can be dynamically changed. After the equipment such as mobile phone, the astronauts can realize the number of information management, which can realize the digitalization of materials management, and significantly reduce the workload of materials management. This is also the foundation of the well-known wells that China will make the core cabin to clean well within 6 days.



In fact, the so-called materials management system is part of the my country Space Station Information System. The purpose is to ensure the living, communication guarantee of astronauts and the state of communication, and improve space stations. Management level, reduce the non-essential workload of astronauts, let them achieve more meaningful space results. It can be imagined that as my country's space station has gradually developed and increased in foreign cooperation, China Space Station standard will become a new benchmark for human space activities.

(Source: Tencent News)

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