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General Manager of Jinhang Standard - Song Shiqiang attended the ECAS 2021 endend!

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The annual ECAS2021 will end successfully on December 16. Representatives from the Chinese Information Industry Chamber of Commerce Application and Supply Chain (ECAS), the leaders of the industry, the leaders of the industry, and the industrial chain, the lowering social organization representatives are attended, and the long-term development of the electronic components industry chain Directional accumulation power. Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jin Hang Market, Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., as a representative of the industry, participated in this event.

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard, won the bill of ECAS membership

Ms. Xiong Yuhong, the Secretary-General of ECAS, presided over the annual meeting, and welcomed and grateful for all the guests present. Ms. Xiong Yu said: "Too many changes in the electronics industry in 2021, I believe everyone is very emotional, I hope to get together. Tonight, we gather in this, hoping to create an open share, let the industry chain downstream colleagues Free communication, in-depth communication. "

Ms. Xiong Yuhong, Secretary General of Ecas

Chen Wenhai, deputy president of the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce, delivered a speech, and the current component industry chain has challenged. The supply chain is safely rising to the national level, and a series of measures and policies have been introduced to ensure the safety and stability of the electronic supply chain.

Electronic components become an important part of the healthy and stable development of the national economy. He reviewed the challenges and opportunities of the entire electronic supply chain in 2021 from these three aspects.

"Taking this opportunity, it is recommended that the members of the Chamber of Commerce will intend to strengthen the capacity of coordination, help stabilize the industrial chain and provide autonomous controllation." Chen Wenhai said.

Chen Wenhai, Vice President of China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce

ECAS Director Zhou Ji State summarizes the Member Member of the Commerce for 2021. He said that the integrated circuit is a highly international industry. The entire industry mainly includes key links such as design, manufacturing, seal testing, distribution, eventually sending components to terminal vendors through distributing companies.

Subsequently, the annual meeting ceremony was held. The Chamber of Commerce leaders awarded the chairman, deputy chairman, a governor, a member of the board, a member of the member, and a group photo with the company's representative.

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Jinhang Standard, I came to the stage - member unit

China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce Electronic Components Application %& Supply Chain Member Unit Plaque - Golden Market Kinghelm

Yang Linjie, Chairman of Shenzhen Lichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., shared the model and idea of Jiaye Chuang Group. In 2021, Jia Li Chuang, Zhongxinhua and Zi Chuang Mall completed the merger, and established Jia Li Chuang Group, with the help of the Internet to serve thousands of engineers.

Yang Linjie, Chairman of Shenzhen Lichuang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jinjianbond Kinghelm With the development of growth in recent years, Jinhang Standard R %& D produces high-speed data signal transmission connectors, precision connectors, connector and other products. Including board end line, line pair of board, line pair line, panel panel and puncture, etc., with SIM card holder, USB C, TYPE-C, HDMI, RJ45 interface connector, PCB board connection terminal, row Needle, row mother, plug, thimble, pressure line terminal and other products. There is a microwave full-electric wave dark room, a network analyzer, a high speed oscilloscope, a salt spray testing machine, a high and low temperature test cabinet and other testing equipment. Undertake the customization of non-standard ceramic slices, amplifier plates, antenna connector, perform high and low temperature "double 85" test and application terminal antenna, which can customize the production of Beidou GPS antenna for automotive motorcycles and industrial-grade medical manufacturers, industrial harness and Waterproof and dustproof connector assembly.

Shenzhen Jin Hangsho Kinghelm General Manager - Song Shiqiang speaks a speech at the stage

After the guest sharing, the deputy dean of Shenzhen University of Science and Technology Shenzhen Microelectronics College and Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Zhou Shengming, a topic. He believes that in 2021, he reviewed the year of the electronic components supply chains. Under the outstanding market, the original performance of the upper reaches is rising, but the shortcomings of lack of personnel are displayed. At the same time, the downstream terminal is prioritized, no longer compatible with distributors, presses. Looking forward to 2022, chip talents are key topics. On the one hand, cross-border cores have increased, leading to increased demand for chip, and more people need to design. On the other hand, talent training takes time and requires the cultivation of national levels. Therefore, it is predicted that the salary of chip talents next year will continue to grow, and the talent gap will continue to expand.

Deputy Chief of Shenzhen Microelectronics College, Southern University of Science and Technology, President of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association

Finally, all the guests are jointly placed in the scene, greeted the new 2022 with the common vision of the "Open Sharing · Link Industry"!


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