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Application method and basic knowledge of HDMI optical fiber extender

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HDMI optical fiber extender is a transmission device used to extend the signal, solve the problem that HDMI audio and video signals cannot be transmitted at a long distance, and ensure the quality of signal transmission. Generally, the length of ordinary VGA cable is about 2m, which can not meet the connection requirements of video recorder and display. Therefore, we can use HDMI extender to solve it. How to connect HDMI extender? What is the transmission distance of HDMI extender?


How is the HDMI extender connected?

The HDMI extender is mainly used to extend the signal. The extender transmits digital signals and is composed of a transmitting end and a receiving end. The transmitting end is responsible for signal acquisition and compression, and the receiving end is responsible for signal decoding and port allocation. Therefore, the HDMI extender needs to be used in pairs, one transmitting and one receiving.

HDMI extender can solve the problem of long-distance transmission of Hd 1080p audio and video signals, and can support ring and tree cascaded HD audio and video transmission.

What is the transmission distance of HDMI extender?

When the HDMI extender is directly connected through CAT5 / 5E / 6 (Class V and class VI) network cable, the transmission distance can reach 135m according to different types of delayers, and the audio and video signal is high-definition without distortion.

In the middle of the HDMI extender, switches can be cascaded to realize medium-distance transmission. The transmitting end of the extender is connected with the video recorder through HDMI line, multiple switches are cascaded in the middle, and the receiving end is connected with the display through HDMI line. The theoretical transmission distance can reach hundreds of meters.

Optical fiber transmission can also be used in the middle of HDMI extender to realize long-distance transmission, with a maximum transmission distance of tens of kilometers.

Summary: the combination of optical fiber transceiver, switch, HDMI retarder and other equipment is adopted. At the same time, the HDMI extender can also realize long-distance one to many simultaneous output. One HDMI retarder transmitter and multiple retarder receivers can receive and output multiple identical pictures at the same time.

Well, the above is about how to connect the HDMI fiber extender? How far is the transmission distance of HDMI extender? The relevant details of this problem, I hope it can be helpful to you!

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