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Daily Highlight - Kinghelm KH-2.54PH180-2X4P-L8.9 Connector

Release date:2023-09-19Author source:KinghelmViews:149

Product Description
In the field of electronic device connectivity, Kinghelm has always been highly acclaimed for its high-quality and innovative solutions. Today, we will focus on introducing one of Kinghelm's IDC connectors - the simple cow seat connector KH-2.54PH180-2X4P-L8.9.

Features & Benefits

●  Reliability

●  High-density connection

●  Easy installation

●  Strong electrical performance

●  High capacity support

●  Multiple wiring options

KH-2.54PH180-2X4P-L8.9 Parameter


AC 500V







Operating Temperature Range


Product Images and Specifications


Application Field

●  Telecommunications

●  Automotive electronics

●  Industrial automation

●  Consumer electronics

●  Electronic instruments

About Kinghelm
Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.(www.kinghelm.net)has technical backbones from Tsinghua University and UESTC, and has introduced overseas returnee professionals. Kinghelm is able to develop highly reliable and high-performance antenna and connector products.KH series products of "Kinghelm" brand include Beidou/GPS antennas, RF adapter connectors, plug connector, electrical data connectors, terminals, and customized vehicle harnesses, industrial / medical connectors, and military special antenna connectors."Kinghelm connects Beidou", Kinghelm has grown with the development of China's Beidou industry. Starting from supplying Beidou/GPS dual mode antennas, IPEX terminals, and RF adapter cables for automotive manufacturers, Kinghelm has continuously developed products. Currently, it has a series of WiFi, Bluetooth, NB-loT, LoRa, Zigbee, UWB, and GSM antennas, RFID tags, RF adapter cables, military standard microwave antennas, vehicle grade SMA, SMB, FAKRA holders, coaxial cables, and can customize non-standard antenna connectors based on customer drawings or samples.

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