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『Daily Highlight』High-Performance SMA Connector KH-SMA-K514-N

Release date:2024-02-29Author source:KinghelmViews:114

In today's rapidly developing modern communication and microwave technology, efficient and stable RF connectors have become essential components. The SMA Female Right Angle Connector - KH-SMA-K514-N, as a high-quality RF coaxial connector, has been favored by a large number of engineers and technical professionals for its outstanding performance and wide range of applications.

The KH-SMA-K514-N connector belongs to the panel-mount type and features a female interface design, which means it can provide a tight and secure connection with various standard coaxial cables. This design not only ensures the stability of signal transmission but also greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance processes. Additionally, this connector has only one port, facilitating single-path signal transmission for users.

In terms of frequency performance, the KH-SMA-K514-N demonstrates high adaptability. With a maximum operating frequency of 18GHz, it can maintain excellent performance in high-frequency environments, meeting the demands of modern wireless communication systems for high-speed data transmission.

KH-SMA-K514-N Product Image

As a member of the SMA series, the KH-SMA-K514-N has an impedance of 50Ω, which is a commonly used standard impedance value in microwave transmission. This helps reduce signal reflection and loss during transmission, ensuring signal purity and transmission efficiency. Furthermore, the KH-SMA-K514-N's right-angle design not only enhances the product's aesthetics but, more importantly, it allows flexible adjustment of signal transmission direction within limited space, providing engineers with more wiring options.

In terms of operating temperature range, the KH-SMA-K514-N also performs exceptionally well. It can stably operate within a wide temperature range of -55°C to +155°C, meaning it can maintain stable performance whether in cold outdoor environments or hot industrial sites.

KH-SMA-K514-N Specification

In conclusion, the SMA Female Right Angle Connector - KH-SMA-K514-N has become an indispensable component in the field of modern communication and microwave technology due to its outstanding performance parameters and wide range of applications. Whether used in the construction of wireless communication base stations or in high-end fields such as satellite communication and radar systems, it can provide stable and efficient signal transmission solutions. Choosing KH-SMA-K514-N means choosing reliability and quality assurance.

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