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『Daily Highlight』IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation - KH-IPEX3-2020

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With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, RF coaxial connectors are increasingly being used in various electronic devices. The IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation - KH-IPEX3-2020, as a high-quality RF coaxial connector, has gained popularity among users due to its outstanding performance and stable quality.

The IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation is a board-end connector designed for high-frequency, high-speed transmission. It features an inner needle interface with a 1.4mm interface diameter, ensuring a tight fit between the connector and the device to effectively prevent signal leakage and attenuation. Additionally, the IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation has one port, making it convenient for users to transmit and receive a single signal.


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In terms of frequency range, the IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation performs exceptionally well. With a maximum supported frequency of 6GHz, it is capable of meeting the transmission requirements of current mainstream wireless communication technologies. Whether for 5G networks, Wi-Fi 6, or other high-speed data transmission applications, the IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation can provide stable and high-speed signal transmission capabilities.

It is worth mentioning that the IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation belongs to the IPEX RF series, inheriting the consistent high quality and reliability of the IPEX brand. As a globally renowned RF connector brand, IPEX products are widely used in wireless communication, aerospace, medical equipment, and other fields. As a member of the IPEX series, the IPEX Inner Needle 3rd Generation naturally inherits this excellent tradition.


KH-IPEX3-2020 Specification

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