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『Daily Highlight』SMA Board End Socket KH-SMA-KE-Z48H

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With the rapid development of modern communication technology, the demand for high-performance connectors is growing. To meet this demand, we proudly introduce the SMA board end seat KH-SMA-KE-Z48H, which is an ideal choice for various high-frequency applications due to its outstanding performance and reliability.

Ⅰ. Excellent Impedance Characteristics:

The KH-SMA-KE-Z48H features a characteristic impedance of 50Ω, ensuring stable signal quality, reducing signal attenuation and distortion, and providing strong support for high-speed data transmission.

Ⅱ. Wideband Applications:

This product covers a frequency range from DC to 6GHz, meeting the requirements of numerous high-frequency communication and microwave applications. Whether it's wireless communication, radar systems, or satellite communication, the KH-SMA-KE-Z48H can provide stable and reliable connectivity performance.


KH-SMA-KE-Z48H Product Image

Ⅲ. High Operating Voltage and Excellent Insulation Performance:

The KH-SMA-KE-Z48H has a high operating voltage of up to 335Vmax (RMS) and an insulation resistance of ≥1000 MΩ, ensuring excellent insulation performance even in high-voltage environments and reducing the risk of electrical faults.

Ⅳ. Low Contact Resistance and Stable Transmission:

The inner conductor contact resistance is ≤6mΩ, and the outer conductor contact resistance is ≤1mΩ, ensuring efficient and stable signal transmission. Even during high-frequency and high-speed transmissions, signal quality can be maintained without interference.

Ⅴ. Mechanical Durability and High Voltage Resistance:

The KH-SMA-KE-Z48H undergoes rigorous mechanical durability testing, capable of withstanding up to 500 insertion and extraction cycles, ensuring stable connectivity performance in harsh environments. Additionally, the product has a voltage withstand capability of 500Vrms (at sea level), providing robust protection for safe equipment operation.

Ⅵ. Wide Range of Applications:

With its outstanding performance, the KH-SMA-KE-Z48H is widely used in wireless communication, radar systems, satellite communication, microwave measurement instruments, laboratory equipment, and other fields. Whether you need to connect any high-frequency equipment, the KH-SMA-KE-Z48H can provide a stable and reliable connectivity solution.


KH-SMA-KE-Z48H Specification

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