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『Daily Highlight』VH Connector KH-VH-2P-W

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Ⅰ. Excellent Performance

Pin Structure: The KH-VH-2P-W utilizes a 1x2P pin structure, effectively meeting various circuit connection requirements. Its precise pin arrangement ensures stable and reliable signal transmission.

Pitch and Rows: This connector has a pitch of 3.96mm, with 1 row and 2 pins per row, providing users with a compact and efficient layout.

Rated Current: With a high rated current of up to 7A, it ensures safe connections for high-current devices, effectively reducing heat generation and improving the lifespan of the equipment.

Operating Temperature Range: With a wide temperature range of -25℃ to +85℃, the KH-VH-2P-W maintains stable performance in various harsh environments.


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Ⅱ. Easy Installation

The KH-VH-2P-W adopts a bend-insert installation method, simplifying the installation process and improving production efficiency. Additionally, its bend-insert design helps to minimize space occupation, making it suitable for various compact devices.

Ⅲ. Wide Application

Due to its excellent performance and stable connection, the VH connector KH-VH-2P-W is widely used in various fields that require wire-to-board/wire-to-wire connections, such as industrial control, smart homes, and automotive electronics.

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