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Golden beacon: how to connect TV and computer with HDMI cable without response?

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Now the size of smart TV is getting larger and larger, 50 inch and 55 inch are everywhere. In order to pursue a better movie viewing or game experience, some users use oneHDMICable to connect the TV to the computer. However, some problems are sometimes encountered in the process of use, such as the TV does not respond after connection. Today, the golden beacon Xiaobian will summarize the common problems and attach the solutions.

1. The TV didn't respond after connecting

It is necessary to confirm that the TV signal input channel is "HDMI input", which can be selected according to the HDMI cable and the socket of the TV. The setting mode is menu input signal source interface.

Because the computer usually outputs the monitor separately by default, switching video needs to be set on the computer. Generally, set the computer refresh rate to 60Hz and the resolution to 1024 * 768. Adjust the TV resolution after connecting.

2. The TV cannot be displayed full screen

The computer display resolution is different from the resolution supported by the TV, which will cause the TV to not display full screen.

You can match the display resolution of the TV by adjusting the display output resolution of the computer, and then select the "image reset" function in the menu option of the TV.

If it still doesn't work, you can try to adjust the zoom function of the graphics card in the control panel of the graphics card.

3. Color deviation or snowflakes

The occurrence of this situation may be related to the moisture caused by the long-term exposure of HDMI sockets of TV and computer, or the loose interface caused by too frequent plugging and plugging, resulting in poor contact. WeIt is recommended to try another interface.

The above is the introduction of the relevant contents shared by the Xiaobian of golden beacon. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading!


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