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Golden beacon: how to distinguish MMCX and McX connectors?

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In the process of part selection or product development, R & D personnel will inevitably encounter various types of problems. Jinhangbiao's small staff will assist customers to solve problems every day. There are inquiries about overdue materials, better replacement / allocation schemes, support for finding partial materials, analysis and evaluation of BOM risk, risk evaluation of material supply, or recommendation of development / evaluation tools.

Among the many questions, every weekGolden beaconXiaobian will draw two cases to share with you.

Here are some examples to share this week:

   Question 1: how to distinguish between MMCX andMcX connector

Label: connector MMCX #mcx#

Golden beacon engineer proposes:

MMCX (micro miniaturecoaxial) miniature coaxial connector is similar to McX coaxial RF connector with the same function, but the volume is smaller than McX. Both comply with European cdcc22000 specifications.

Products of different brands will have subtle differences. Customers can check the original product description by themselves.

Question 2: Why are the surfaces of some metal connectors not as smooth as those of the same type of metal connectors? What happened?

Label: metal connector # passivation

Golden beacon engineer proposes:

Sometimes, the manufacturer will make special passivation treatment for metal materials in the manufacturing process, so that the metal surface has better corrosion and oxidation resistance. The passivation treatment will not affect the material and shape of the metal, but also maintain the original properties of the material. Although the surface gloss is slightly different, it does not affect the use at all.

If you have any questions about the above tips, please contact us so that the golden beacon technical team can assist you on the road of purchase and development.


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