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How will the new generation communication network change the future of mankind?

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4G communication network changes life


Next generation communication network technology

How will it change the future of mankind?

Intelligent cooperative wireless communication platform team, Department of electronic engineering, Tsinghua University

Creating the future communication network world!

Why do we need next generation communication networks?

Original 2G, 3G, 4G

From voice to video to multimedia and Internet

People's feelings can be basically satisfied

But that's not enough

Object oriented communication

Not only between people, between people and machines,

It will also be transferred from people to machines

Machines can also communicate with each other through communication

Cooperate to complete the task


In the next generation communication network, the first thing to realize is "accessibility"

We often use communication through electromagnetic waves

In other environments, it may not be feasible

For example, underwater, it depends more on sound

Or propagate signals with the help of light

Therefore, the next generation communication system should be able to select automatically

Optimal transmission mode to achieve seamless switching of communication media

In addition, we should build a new network organization structure

When we start from a communication monomer

By connecting them into a network

It's like a room where only two people talk

Into a lot of people talking

How to ensure that they can hear each other clearly

Without interference with each other?

This requires the establishment of heterogeneous networks between monomers


Intelligent cooperative wireless communication platform team

Hope to design more flexible "heterogeneous network"

It can adapt to different environments and different shapes

Fill the whole environment like water


Put into the application scenario

Take the communication of Internet of vehicles as an example

Automatic driving is now mainly the intelligence of a bicycle

The team hopes to realize heterogeneous and flexible networking of the Internet of vehicles

It can connect the vehicle with the base station, the vehicle with the roadside unit and the vehicle

Seamless transmission switching, reliable and timely communication

Through this way of "vehicle road coordination"

It can make each car see more and farther

Improve the safety and accuracy of automatic driving

Improve traffic efficiency


We can't see or touch "communication" technology

Still changing the future of mankind

Transmission through communication network

People have expanded tactile perception to the greatest extent

Maybe another 10 to 20 years

We can experience "immersive communication"

By then, the "separation" in science fiction

It is possible to achieve this!


If 4G network changes people's life

So the next generation of wireless networks

It will infinitely expand the limits of human eyes, brain and limbs

Change society, change the world

Are you ready?

Let's prepare for the new era of all things Zhilian!

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