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Golden beacon: introduction to the basic information of needle arrangement

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Then, let's talk about the little editor of golden beacon Electronics: PCB boardPinIntroduction to relevant contents of

Pin, a kind of connector, English Name: pinheader. Row pins are generally widely used in the connection of PCB boards, with the reputation of universal connector. Generally, they are paired with connectors such as bus bar, wire end, etc.

Row pins are widely used in PCB circuit boards in electronics, electrical appliances and instruments. Their function is to act as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit and undertake the task of current or signal transmission. It is usually used together with the busbar to form a plate-to-plate connection; Or it is used together with the electronic harness terminal to form a board to line connection; It can also be used for plate to plate connection independently.

Due to different specifications required by different products, there are many types and specifications of pin arrangement, which are classified according to the standard of pin arrangement connector in the electronic industry:

According to the spacing, it can be roughly divided into 3.96mm, 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm and 0.8mm. According to the number of rows, there are single row needles, double row needles, three row needles and four row needles; According to the packaging rules, there are SMT (horizontal / vertical), plug-in dip (straight / curved), etc.

At present, the main products are applicable to computers, electronic communications, instruments, meters, industrial control, program control, digital cameras, MP3, PDA, as well as various mobile storage disks, DVDs, LCM / LCD displays, electronic toys, etc. board to board and line to board provide careful and reliable connections. The products are widely used in computer motherboard, various mobile storage disks, cordless phones, walkie talkies, videophones, program-controlled exchanges, on-board systems, DVD, lcmled display blocks, instruments, electronic toys, medical equipment, photoelectric products and many other fields.

The above is all the content sharing brought by the small series of golden navigation mark electronics. I hope it will help you. Thank you for reading!


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