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Golden beacon: how to understand the terminal in detail from five aspects?

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Then, let's talk to you about how to learn more from five aspectsterminal

1、 Characteristics of terminals

The mechanical strength of the terminal is one of the important characteristics of the terminal. No matter what kind of terminal crimping, it must meet its original design requirements. The strength of the terminal after crimping shall at least reach 80% of the tensile strength of the wire itself.

  2、 Electrical properties of terminals

Electrical performance is the most important requirement for connection! It is also the most obvious requirement for connection! A good connection, low and stable crimping resistance, smooth power transmission and less loss. Note: crimping only extends the wire.

   3、 The terminal itself is defined as male and female

Male terminal: it is generally the terminal matched by the male connector. [sometimes called plughousingortabhousing]

Female terminal: it is generally the terminal matched with the eye connector. [sometimes called socket housing or reception housing]

4、 Common mechanical properties of terminals

1. Vertical force The force exerted by the female terminal on the male terminal [usually in G]

2. Insertion force Force applied when inserting terminals

3. Terminal overlap Terminal overlap, or engagement length. The minimum specified by uscar design shall be 1mm

  5、 Terminal polarization

The terminal has a polarizing rib. If the terminal is inserted in the wrong direction of the connector, the polarizing rib will prevent the terminal from being inserted.

1. Correct direction

Only terminals in the correct direction can be inserted into the hole position of the connector

2. Wrong direction

The terminal in the wrong direction cannot be inserted into the hole of the connector

The above is all the content sharing brought by the small series of golden navigation mark electronics. I hope it will help you. Thank you for reading!


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