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5g leads the new wave of infrastructure construction "5g application and industrial sustainable development forum" will be held soon

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May 17, 2020 is the 51st world telecommunication and information society day. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has determined that this year's theme is“Connectivity goal 2030: using ICT to promote the achievement of sustainable development goals (sdgs)”, call on all countries to use ICT as the main driving force for achieving the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and sustainable development goals to promote coordinated and sustainable economic, social and environmental development.

The "5g application and industrial sustainable development forum" hosted by China communication society and hosted by China Industrial Development Research Institute will be held in Shenzhen on the afternoon of May 17. The forum focused on hot spots, made use of the latest 5g technology to build a cloud conference, gave full play to the industrial resources of China Industrial Development Research Institute in promoting industrial development, industrial layout, policy interpretation and project implementation, and built the cloud conference into an exchange platform for industrial integration development, 5g scenario application and promoting the development of real economy, Interpret and promote the ecological layout of 5g industry in China in the future.

In addition, the launching ceremony of 5g popular science training will be held at the forum. Authorized by China Communications Society, China Industrial Development Research Institute is fully responsible for the implementation organization and will carry out popular science training nationwide in various ways of "5g X".

In recent years, 5g technology has gradually matured and began to be applied in various fields of society. Due to the lack of in-depth and comprehensive understanding, there are many wrong perceptions about 5g. It is particularly important to carry out 5g science popularization. It is reported that the first online 5g training and popular science project "leading new infrastructure: 60 lectures on 5g cutting-edge applications" will be launched on the Himalayan platform on May 17, enabling the public to experience the changes 5g has brought to the society and the world.

Guan Hui, chief engineer of the General Department of the Fifth Academy of Astronautics, Liu Dacheng, doctoral director of the Department of industrial engineering of Tsinghua University and vice president of the Internet Industry Research Institute, Liu Ling, deputy general manager of Beijing railway communication signal research and Design Institute Group, Chen Shiqing, academician of the national Academy of engineering of the United States, Rong Letian, chief marketing officer of Foxconn industrial interconnection, Yang Luoyi, chief solution architect of Huawei enterprise, and many other academicians and industry experts Enterprise representatives will give industry keynote speeches in the forum by means of online and offline linkage.


It is reported that the forum will also broadcast the technical live broadcast of 5g industrial new products to the six branch venues by means of webcast, and will display the remote control of UAVs, unmanned boats, robots and other high-tech products under 5g communication.

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