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How does the mobile phone GPS antenna work better? What should be avoided?

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With the continuous popularity of smart phones, people's understanding of smart phones is deepening. The reason why smart phones can obtain location signals is that they contain GPS antennas. However, in actual use, we often encounter the hint of weak GPS signal, which is because the mobile phone GPS antenna can not work normally. So how does the GPS antenna work better and what should be avoided?

  1、 Installation position of mobile phone antenna

In order to make the mobile phone GPS antenna work better, there are high requirements for the installation position of the antenna. Generally, the antenna is installed at the top of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone will also choose the bottom of the mobile phone. This is because we can rarely cover these two positions when holding the mobile phone, so as to avoid the influence of the hand on the operation of the mobile phone antenna. Therefore, the antenna of most mobile phones on the market is installed on the top of the mobile phone.

  2、 Avoid metal shielding

Metal will seriously affect the transmission of mobile phone GPS signal, which will lead to the failure of mobile phone GPS antenna to work better. Therefore, the metal back shell is rarely used in the production of mobile phones, because the metal back shell will more or less affect the work of the antenna. When the metal rear shell has to be used, other methods are usually used to enhance the working efficiency of the antenna., Avoid affecting the reception of mobile phone signals.

  3、 Actual use environment

The actual use environment of the mobile phone is different, which will also affect the work of the mobile phone GPS antenna. When the mobile phone works in bad weather, such as storm, lightning and other extreme weather, the mobile phone GPS signal will be weaker than the normal weather signal.

There are many factors that affect the work of mobile phone GPS antenna. As long as we avoid the interference of these factors, we can get a very good mobile phone GPS signal.


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