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What are the reasons that affect the signal strength of 5g antenna? How?

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With the continuous paving of 5g network, many people use 5g mobile phones, but different people have different 5g signal strength. As we all know, 5g antenna is the key factor affecting 5g signal strength. What are the reasons affecting 5g antenna signal strength? How?

1、 Installation position of 5g antenna

The installation position of 5g antenna will directly affect the strength of 5g signal. When selecting location, communication companies usually comprehensively investigate the advantages and disadvantages of different installations in different locations. According to the principle of providing good signal for most people, the installation position shall be comprehensively considered. When the equipment held by people is close to the antenna, a good 5g signal will be obtained. If the corresponding equipment held by people is too far from the installation position, the 5g signal will be weaker.

2、 Are there any factors affecting reception

Generally speaking, the 5g antenna signal is strongly affected by metal. If there are metal objects nearby during use, it will seriously interfere with the transmission of 5g signal, resulting in the very weak 5g signal accepted by everyone, which will seriously affect the use. Therefore, when you know that there is metal around you, you must use the equipment carefully. You can remove the metal affecting factors, and the 5g signal will be relatively stable.

3、 5g antenna chip

5g antenna is a module containing a chip, in which the strength of the chip will directly affect the strength of 5g antenna signal. When the function of the chip is strong, it will drive the function of 5g antenna signal is also very strong. The effect of signal reception and transmission is very good, which will bring people a good use experience.

With the continuous popularization of 5g antenna, people will receive 5g information in more and more aspects.


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