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Hunting core obtained nearly US $100 million from Jingdong industrial products investment and completed round C financing!

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As ChinaElectronic componentsHunting core, one of the largest trading platforms, will join hands with Jingdong industrial products to jointly build a more comprehensive digital intelligent supply chain and intelligent electronic industrymanufactureSystem.

In recent years, with the emergence of new technologies and new products such as new infrastructure, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, consumer electronics, medical electronics and electric vehicles, the electronic component industry, which constitutes the "cell" of intelligent equipment, has ushered in sustained high growth. China is the world's largest consumer of electronic components, accounting for more than 50% of the total global procurement. Such "timing" and "geographical advantage" jointly pave the super long "runway" of China's electronic component industry.

Chang Jiang, chairman of hunting core, said that compared with other B2B fields, due to the influence of both supply and demand on electronic components, the production capacity and price fluctuate frequently. At the same time, the characteristics of electronic components determine that the products require high professionalism in all links such as sales, technology and logistics. Distributors often need to have more comprehensive product and technical service capabilities or overall solution capabilities, Distributors have quite complex and professional value in the industrial chain. However, the distribution of electronic components in China has been relatively traditional for a long time. The e-commerce model of "more, faster, better and more economical" is the demand of the new era and the trend of future development. With the accelerated iteration speed of intelligent terminal and the diversification of demand, the existing supply chain system is obviously difficult to meet the requirements of agility, flexibility and high efficiency of the purchasing end. It has become a consensus to make digital and intelligent transformation of the electronic supply chain.

Since its establishment in July 2015, hunting core has started from the procurement pain point of spot transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises, quickly gathered a large number of upstream SKUs through the joint venture mode, provided customers with one-stop component e-commerce services, greatly improved the procurement efficiency, won the recognition of many component manufacturers, domestic and foreign agents, spot dealers and customers all over the world, and won the recognition of JD, Jingwei, Haitong, shimmer Investment by many well-known investment institutions such as Huanuo and Wenhua. Chang Jiang said that in the future, hunting core will not be limited to simple e-commerce, and will continue to build high barriers through technology to build the most reliable electronic supply chain technology and service provider.

It is worth noting that this round of financing is mainly used to strengthen the business integration with JD industrial products, integrate advantageous resources through strategic collaborative technological innovation, build cloud infrastructure of electronic supply chain, and jointly provide more valuable long-chain services for customers in the electronic industry. Kingholm brand of golden beacon companyBeidou GPS antenna/Nearly 500 SKUs such as connectors / ceramic antennas / communication antennas / board end seats are in the core hunting networkwww.ichunt. comBig sale, Sarkozy micro slkor(www.slkormicro. com)Our products such as IGBT, SiC # MOS tubes sell well. Bring a lot of end customers! The monthly performance growth is very fast!


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