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The lower part of the connector of the lightweight equipment may be replaced by FPC

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With the development of miniaturization and thinness of equipment, some equipment will choose FPC connection scheme to replace the traditional harness, and some connectors will also be replaced.

Flexible circuit board (FPC) is a printed circuit board made of flexible insulating substrate. It has the advantages of flexibility, folding, light weight and thin thickness. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of consumer electronics and automotive electronics.

With the development of lightweight, miniaturization and folding of today's terminal equipment, the consumption of FPC in various electronic equipment has increased due to the consideration of lightweight. The flexibility of FPC can reduce the total number of interconnections required, which means fewer solder joints, connectors and contact crimping, which will also replace some traditional harnesses and connectors to a certain extent.

Taking automobile as an example, with the electrification and intelligence of automobile, FPC has gradually become a new favorite in the automobile industry. On the one hand, because the traditional LVDS wiring harness has complex wiring process and relatively high cost, on the other hand, in order to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, vehicle enterprises will choose to replace most of the wiring harness with FPC.

At the same time, in a narrower space, FPC may also replace some connectors, and the application of connectors may be reduced.

However, the connector still has irreplaceable advantages, and there are some disadvantages when only using FPC for connection. For example, welding is required without connector, and the cost of welding will be higher than that of using two connectors. Secondly, since the FPC is connected by welding in the early stage, it is very inconvenient to repair the fault in the later stage.

Although replacing wired components through FPC can save the connection of redundant cables and save more space and cost. But in fact, FPC can produce synergy with connectors. For example, in the mobile phone module, the connector can be attached to the FPC to drive more applications of the connector.

In general, under the high integration, some connectors will inevitably be replaced, but on the whole, the demand for connectors is still rising. Especially under the trend of intelligence, there are more and more modules in the equipment, and the demand for connectors will be greater and greater. At the same time, the technology of connector is constantly updated and iterated to adapt to various developing application scenarios.
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