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Golden beacon: why is the best-selling piece of mobile phone an adapter?

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Then, the next little editor of golden beacon Electronics will talk to you: why is the best-selling single product of mobile phoneTransfer line?

Every year, the most expected thing is naturally the release of Apple's new products. In addition to the iPhone and iPad, many people are most concerned about the interface changes of each generation of new products.

At present, a large number of Apple products have changed to lightning interface, and the iPhone has even cancelled the original headphone interface, which also led many people to choose airpods, but miraculously, most people still choose to buy a 3.5mm headphone socket conversion cable.

According to the statistics of bustbuy, the world's largest retail group of household appliances and electronic products, the sales volume of 3.5mm headphone socket conversion line continues to be strong and remains the best-selling Apple accessory. According to previous news, the new iPhone that has not been released will not come with a 3.5mm headphone socket conversion cable, which may mean that the sales of this accessory will remain booming.

In fact, the sales volume of Apple's wireless headset airpods is also very good. Now it is also a popular model in the market, but many people still choose nostalgia.

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