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Golden beacon explanation - type C interface charging data also hides many uses

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Since the introduction of typec interface, more and more mobile phones began to adopt the interface, and showed the trend of unified interface. Compared with the traditional micro USB motherboard, the speed and protocol type of the type interface have been greatly improved, and the forward and reverse interpolation is a landmark feature. But not everyone can play the real function of typec.

In order to solve the problem of non-uniform USB interface specification, type is a new interface developed by USB standardization organization in 2014, such as one-way transmission during charging. However, in order to realize more functions of the interface, the corresponding interface transmission protocol support is also required. Moreover, in typec, the USB transmission protocol of the interface has the greatest impact on us. USB transmission protocol includes USB 2 0,usb3. 1GEN1,usb3. 1gen2, USB4, etc. The faster the data transmission, the higher the protocol supported by the type interface!

Although many mobile phones today use the typec interface, the old USB 2 is still used inside the interface 0 agreement, so why do they do this? In fact, this is also related to the cost of the interface! In order to seize the market, mobile phone manufacturers do not hesitate to fight a price war. In order to reduce the price of mobile phones, the best way is to castrate the configuration of mobile phones. How to explain? Where you can't see it, for example, the typec interface is one of them. Due to the real USB 3 1。

Typec interface can provide 10Gb / s bandwidth, transmit video stream through transfer, and easily realize two-way transmission power of more than 100W, but the cost is lower than USB2 0 and 3.0 are several times higher. Therefore, in order to save costs, mobile phone manufacturers just go USB.

2.0 agreement, and then make efforts in publicity. Some of them are more exaggerated. They directly tell you that typec is a lightning interface, which makes you believe it.

As long as the real lightning interface typec mobile phone is plugged into the typec expansion terminal, it can connect the mouse and keyboard, write long text, or use office apps such as exclude and word. The mouse and keyboard can definitely greatly improve the operation efficiency and facilitate mobile office. Friends who like playing games can also experience computer like game operations on their mobile phones.

In addition, you can also connect the USB flash disk through the docking station, which is a savior for mobile phone users with insufficient memory. Pictures, videos and other files that occupy a lot of space can be stored in the USB flash disk. After the mobile phone is connected to the USB flash disk, it can be opened and viewed directly without occupying the mobile phone space.


If the external USB device can also implement the traditional Android interface supporting OTG function, the following two functions cannot be realized by the traditional Android micro interface.

Everyone has to know that typec supports audio transmission, because more and more mobile phones use typec interface and cancel the 3.5mm headphone hole. If you want to listen to music with wired headphones, you need a type converter. The reason why you can listen to songs with the typec interface is that it supports audio output and can theoretically improve the sound quality.


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