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How to select Beidou communication antenna? What kind of antenna is a good antenna?

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Beidou communication antenna can help most manufacturers bring better communication effects in real life, but many people may not know Beidou communication antenna very well. They don't know how to choose. In the selection process, we should master what kind of purchase standards. It is recommended that you should be able to analyze and understand them in many aspects.

  1. Antenna input impedance

When selecting Beidou communication antenna, the system matching during the connection process should be considered, because it will involve the transmission module of each radio station or whether the antenna equipment can be connected normally. If the excellent system can be matched effectively, various obstacles encountered by the antenna in the connection process can be reduced, and the loss caused by the electrical signal in the transmission process can be reduced, so as to ensure the smoothness of the antenna to the greatest extent.

  2. Antenna bandwidth

The working frequency range of Beidou communication antenna is more important. Generally speaking, the antenna can work normally only at the central frequency point or in the upper and lower frequency range. The higher the antenna efficiency, the greater the final gain. The most common way is to expand the flat band width to make the working effect of the whole antenna reach the best state in a short time.

  3. Antenna center frequency point

When selecting all Beidou communication antennas, the whole central frequency point is the most important. While the actual antenna works, the working efficiency of the whole antenna is relatively high and the gain is relatively large. For those amateur electrical applications, the middle value of the common range frequency should be regarded as the center of the original antenna.

When Beidou communication antenna is actually selected, you can select a good antenna by mastering the above methods.


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