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MEG intelligent 5g module helps the intelligent and efficient operation of UAV products for power inspection

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Recently,MEG intelligence cooperates with Yunsheng intelligence, a domestic manufacturer of large industrial UAVs and full-automatic airports, a new generation of adaptive 5g network is launched for the power industry"Killer whale III"Fully autonomous industrial UAV, which is equipped withMEG intelligent 5g industrial communication module srm815, the combination of "robot and manual" can realize the functions of power channel inspection, power body inspection and three-dimensional real scene modeling, solve the problems of long time-consuming, many workers and poor working environment of traditional transmission and transformation line inspection, greatly reduce safety risks, let workers bid farewell to cumbersome and repetitive low-value labor and improve work efficiency.

In the power patrol scene, 5g UAV meets the high demand for communication capability by virtue of the characteristics of 5g large bandwidth, low delay and high rate. It can transmit the high-definition picture of the fault area to the management platform in real time, so that the staff can personally view the actual scene of the site, timely find and quickly deal with relevant fault problems, make the power inspection work more targeted and timely, and effectively improve work efficiency and safety.

The 5g killer whale industrial UAV has built-in MEG intelligent 5g industrial communication module srm815. This series of 5g modules adopts Qualcomm sdx55 5g baseband chip platform, which can be downward compatible with various 3G / 4G systems and support 5g commercial network bands of major regions and operators in the world. It complies with 3GPP R15 standard, can support 5g independent Networking (SA) and non independent Networking (NSA) network deployment, and can support LTE cat 20 network connection and internal integration of GNSS global navigation satellite system. This series of modules can work normally for a long time in complex industrial environment and improve customer work efficiency.

In the future, MEG intelligence will continue to explore the application development layout in the fields of electronic equipment production, equipment manufacturing, iron and steel, mining, electric power, energy, vehicle mounted, medical treatment, security and so on, so as to make 5g communication applications enter thousands of industries, accelerate the process of realizing the digital society of smart alliance of all things and lay a foundation for large-scale applications.

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