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The official beidou-3 joined the ICAO standard and achieved major milestone results

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Recently, the sixth plenary meeting of the ICAO navigation system expert group was successfully held in the form of video conference, and all 189 performance indicators of beidou-3 global satellite navigation system (hereinafter referred to as "beidou-3 global system") passed the technical verification, marking the successful completion of the core and main task of beidou-3 global system entering ICAO standards, It shows that the ability of beidou-3 global system to provide services for global civil aviation has been internationally recognized, which has laid a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting the application of Beidou aviation.

    According to the relevant requirements of ICAO, the four global satellite navigation systems need to complete the index verification of relevant technical standards, and each technical index needs to provide sufficient demonstration materials, which can pass the verification only after being unanimously recognized by the other three systems. Since 2010, with the strong support of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the China satellite navigation system management office has organized more than 20 civil aviation and Beidou system engineering construction units such as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to give full play to the relevant forces of industry, University, research and use, and closely cooperate to carry out a large number of standard research, index verification, performance testing, international coordination and other work, It has broken through a number of major key technologies, lasted 10 years, participated in more than 50 international coordination meetings, submitted more than 100 documents of more than 1000 pages, and answered more than 2000 questions.
 The field of civil aviation is the strategic commanding point of satellite navigation applications competed by global aerospace powers. Beidou 3 global system has fully passed the standard technical verification of ICAO. It is not only a milestone for Beidou system to promote standards in the field of civil aviation, but also lays a solid foundation for expanding other industrial standards, which is of great significance to the aviation application and promotion of Beidou system.
 Subsequently, the ICAO navigation system expert group will report the results of this meeting to the air navigation Committee for consideration. After adoption, ICAO will solicit opinions from countries on the draft standard, which will be officially released to the world after confirmation.

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