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Launch successful! Tiantong-1 satellite is new, with wide coverage, multiple uses and stable signal

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At 23:59 on November 12, China used it at Xichang Satellite Launch CenterLong March 3BSuccess willTiantong 1 02 starThe launch took off, the satellite entered the predetermined orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success.

The launch of tiantong-1-02 satellite was developed by the Fifth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology CorporationTiantong-1 satellite mobile communication systemAn important part of.

The system consists of space segment, ground segment and user terminal.  After tiantong-1 satellite 02 goes into orbit, it will be networked with tiantong-1 satellite 01 to form a space segment.  

During the on orbit operation, tiantong-1-02 satellite will cover China's land (including marine land)
One belt, one road area, will be expanded to provide convenience for multinational employees, tour pal "donkey" and fishermen.  


Tiantong-1 satellite mobile
 Communication system is a satellite mobile communication system independently developed and constructed in China  , too  China Space Information  Information is an important part of infrastructure.

 On August 6, 2016, tiantong-1 satellite, developed by the communication satellite division of the Fifth Academy of engineering, was successfully launched. It is the first satellite of China's satellite mobile communication system and is also known as "China's version of maritime satellite", marking China's entry into the era of satellite mobile communication mobile phones. The satellite has been in orbit for 4 years.

 After the pilot application and review, on December 18, 2019, the Ministry of industry and information technology approved the official commercial use of China Telecom Tiantong business. China Telecom has launched the "1740" Tiantong special number segment to provide stable and reliable voice, SMS, traffic and related value-added services. A variety of Tiantong special voice terminals and data terminals are available on the market.


 Bian bingxiu, chief commander of Tiantong 1 02 satellite of the Fifth Academy of Aerospace Science and technology group,  Tiantong-1 02 satellite is the second satellite of tiantong-1 series  , the design life is 12 years. The satellite fully inherits the technical state of satellite 01. The satellite platform and load are further optimized according to the use requirements, which enhances the use flexibility of satellite 02.

 All day long one belt, one road 02, will serve the "one belt and one road" construction, providing users with all weather, all day long, stable and reliable mobile communication services for users in China and surrounding areas, Middle East, Africa and other related areas, as well as in the Pacific and India ocean, and supporting voice, short message and data services.

 With the development of mobile satellite business, many global or regional mobile communication systems have been formed in the international mobile satellite system, including iridium system, seraia system and international mobile communication satellite system. In China, tiantong-1 satellite mobile communication system has been widely used.

 Chen Mingzhang, chief designer of Tiantong 1 02 star,  Satellite mobile communication system  It mainly provides diversified low and medium speed communication services for miniaturized mobile terminals (including ground personal mobile terminals, vehicle terminals, airborne terminals and shipborne terminals).

 Compared with terrestrial mobile communication system, satellite mobile communication has wide coverage and good environmental adaptability,  It can achieve almost seamless coverage of marine, mountainous and plateau areas, and meet the needs of various users for mobile communication coverage. It has important civil and commercial value.

 According to the research and statistics of relevant departments,  By 2025, China's demand for various satellite mobile terminal users will exceed 3 million  , users will cover personal communication, marine transportation, ocean fishing, air passenger transport, bipolar scientific research and international peacekeeping.

 In the future, one belt, one road, 02 satellites and the 01 satellites of the Tiantong one and the subsequent planning satellites will further enhance the capacity of satellite mobile communication services, system reliability and regional coverage capability, and form a regional mobile communication system integrating the satellite and the earth, providing stable satellite mobile communication services to the countries along the route and air route.


 The long march 3B launch vehicle for this launch mission was developed by the first Institute of Aerospace Science and technology group. The process of the mission rocket was optimized and improved. The overall forming technology of combustion agent storage tank was applied in the mission to verify the optimization effect of engine precooling program, and the reliability and safety were further improved.  The launch is the first of the long march series of launch vehicles  352nd launch  

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