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Zhilian an Technology Wang Zhijun: 5g NB IOT enables vertical industry differentiation of Internet of things

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On April 10, at the fourth China NB lot industry development conference in 2021, Wang Zhijun, vice president of marketing and sales of Zhilian an technology, gave a keynote speech on "5gnb lot enables vertical industry differentiation of Internet of things". He pointed out that zhilian'an technology focuses on the research and development of cellular Internet of things communication chips. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to technological innovation. At present, it has mass produced the first generation NB lot chip mk8010, and accelerated the next generation NB lot chip and cat 1. Chip R & D has won the dual recognition of customers and capital market by virtue of differentiated product innovation.

Wang Zhijun, vice president of marketing and sales of zhilian'an Technology

       In recent years, with the popularization and more and more extensive application of 5g, many new possibilities have been brought to the Internet of things market. The positive prospect of the growth of the vertical market of Internet of things connection reflects the strong demand of the industry for the new possibilities promised by 5g, as well as the wider availability of low-cost cellular Internet of things modules and low-power LTE technologies (such as NB lot and cat m).

       Zhilian'an technology, founded in 2013, is an integrated circuit design company specializing in the research and development of cellular Internet of things communication chips. It has mastered NB lot and cat 1. 5g and other technologies can provide an important foundation for the development of the Internet of things, the Internet of vehicles and other fields. At present, 5gnb lot application is accelerating its penetration into various industry applications, and the related products of zhilian'an technology have also been mass produced on a large scale.

       It is understood that zhilian'an technology has product layout in the fields of communication, 5g Internet of things, Internet of vehicles and so on. Wang Zhijun said that at present, zhilian'an has launched two generations of Nb lot chips, mk8010 and mk8020. The first generation of cat will be launched in the second half of this year 1bis chip mk8110.

       According to its introduction, mk8010 is an NB lot single-mode terminal communication chip independently developed by zhilian'an technology. It supports LTE cat-nb1 and LTE cat-nb2 communication standards. It adopts 55nm process. The single chip integrates baseband processor BP, application processor AP, analog unit, RF unit and power management module to truly realize the Nb lot wide area low-power Internet of things single-chip solution.

       It is worth mentioning that since the launch of mk8010 products, it has received the green ignorance of major customer manufacturers, with a cumulative sales of more than 1 million pieces.

       On the basis of mk8010, zhilian'an Technology launched the second generation NB lot chip mk8020 independently developed in January this year. The product size is only 4.5mm * 4.5mm, which is the smallest NB lot chip in the world so far. It can activate more scenarios that cannot be applied due to volume constraints, such as small wearable devices, cargo tracking, traceability, intelligent animal husbandry management, etc. Using 55nm process, it can operate under ultra-low working voltage of 2.1V, which is the lowest in the industry; The chip also has 32kxtaless, two-stage RTC, high-speed lpuart, fast frequency sweep and other performance, and can conduct in-depth differentiated design for multiple typical scenarios of the Internet of things.

       It is worth mentioning that in the tide of the development of the Internet of things industry, a variety of cellular Internet of things technologies have emerged together, and Nb lot is only one of the brightest stars. For cat 1bis, 5g and other technologies, zhilian'an technology has also made layout, and its first generation cat 1 bis chip mk8110 is expected to provide samples in the second half of this year.

       These layouts enrich the Internet of things product line of zhilian'an technology and provide stronger competitiveness in the era of interconnection of all things.

       Wang Zhijun pointed out that what Zhilian an technology needs to do is to make NB lot chips, like the popularity of smart phones, meet the differentiated needs of vertical industries, expand application fields and create more "just needs". At present, the products of zhilian'an technology have been widely used in smart street lamps, electric vehicle tracking system, water, gas, fire protection and other fields.

       "As a chip company, the direct customer of zhilian'an technology is the module manufacturer, and then the module manufacturer will target the end customers of end B. as the source chip company, we need to communicate more with customers, understand customers' needs and solve industry pain points in order to achieve sustainable innovation, which is the important development direction of zhilian'an in the future." Wang Zhijun said. (checked by / Lee)

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