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How to install the car antenna? Are there any requirements for location?

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With the continuous improvement of car ownership in China, many people have their own cars. At present, the main focus in the field of automobile sales is automobile intelligence, and the vehicle antenna, as an important configuration of automobile intelligence, is also constantly improving the convenience of car owners. The installation of this antenna has certain skills and certain requirements for the installation position.


1、 Understand vehicle structure

For the installation of vehicle antenna, we should first understand the overall structure of the vehicle and have an overall grasp of the vehicle. Only after having an overall grasp of the automobile structure can we determine the centralized installation position of its intelligent equipment. In this way, the installation of the antenna is the most convenient. If there is no systematic understanding of the overall structure of the vehicle, there will be questions about the installation position of the intelligent equipment, which is not conducive to the installation work.

2、 Determine the installation location of smart devices

Generally, the installation position of vehicle intelligent equipment and vehicle antenna is relatively close, which will be conducive to the vehicle to receive relevant signals and the signals sent by the vehicle. Therefore, when installing wires, they will be placed in one place with intelligent devices, which will improve the signal strength of the car.

3、 Commissioning after installation

After the installation of on-board antenna, its signal strength shall be debugged. Only after confirming that the signal receiving strength is qualified can it be delivered smoothly, so debugging after installation is a necessary work.

Different people have different installation methods for the installation of vehicle antenna, but no matter which installation method is adopted, the signal strength must be determined first. If the signal strength cannot be determined, the installation method is wrong.


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