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Lv's TWS headset is coming! It costs $1090. Is it expensive?

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If you are going to spend some money on the new wireless earplugs, almost all technology media will recommend Apple's airpods to you. Its price is more expensive than other earplugs, but it is worth it. Is there anything more expensive for users who don't need money?The answer is yes. Louis Vuitton launched the improved wireless earplug horizon, which is expensive, with a public price of no less than $1090, about $100 higher than the original model released at the beginning of last year.

      The new horizon headset was developed in cooperation with Master & dynamic. Interestingly, this model is an "advanced" version of the $299 mw07 plus earplug.

      So what do you get for an extra $800?Frankly, No.Although last year's market has told us that there will always be people willing to pay such a high price for Louis Vuitton brand on earplugs.

      The new horizon headphones come in four different colors: neon yellow, original white, bright red and pink. With the blessing of LV design, they all have very fine colorBeautifulAppearance and workmanship.

      In terms of technology, this headset uses PVD coated stainless steel sound insulation cover and 10mm beryllium diaphragm monomer, so users can enjoy the warm sound quality of Master & dynamic.The wireless charging box increases the already good 10 hour playback time to 20 hours, and provides Bluetooth 5.0 support. The ambient listening feature allows you to talk to people around you without removing earplugs. It also has the feature of actively eliminating noise.

      The design of the charging box of horizon true wireless headset is inspired by the appearance of Louis Vuitton tambour horizon smart watch.Pink and bright white horizon true wireless headset charging box is made of Silver Polished stainless steel;Neon yellow and bright red horizon true wireless headset charging box surface is coated with black PVD stainless steel;The bright black horizon true wireless headset is installed in a polished metal colored stainless steel charging box.

      Each charging box of the new horizon true wireless headset has a sapphire glass top cover and a ceramic base. The appearance of each headset has the iconic detail design of Louis Vuitton brand, for exampleSuch as Louis Vuitton letter logo or monogram flower pattern.

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