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"One belt, one road" Beidou industrial application platform construction project exhibition and exhibition exchange held successfully in Beijing

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       One belt, one road, the new platform for the Beidou industry, was launched in Beijing in December 29, 2020. The exhibition was held in Beijing, and the leaders of the Beidou field, industry experts and industrial elite participated in China's &middot.

       One belt, one road Beidou industrial application platform data engine system was released by the conference. The whole time and space digital base was built up, and the live synchronization of webcast was completed through the cloud service industry internet platform.  


       The conference carried out comprehensive and in-depth exchanges around the Beidou service application platform "super engine digital base", discussed the ecological service value of the whole space-time digital base based on Beidou high-precision positioning, high-precision map and high-resolution remote sensing, and actively explored the construction of digital city enabled by super engine digital base through the exchange of practical application cases and relevant solutions One belt, one road city, is the strategic opportunity for the "smart services" of smart city, such as data operation, transportation and municipal services.

       One belt, one road one belt, one road deputy director of the international Specialized Committee, President of the technology company, and Zhang Dongpu, CEO, presented a keynote speech at the conference, introducing the data engine system of the Beidou industrial application platform, which is "one belt and one road" - the super time and space digital base.

       Zhang Dongpu pointed out that spatiotemporal data is the best cognitive tool. Taking spatiotemporal data as an accurate baseline can greatly expand people's cognitive ability to the world, improve organizational synergy efficiency and achieve a leap in efficiency. The hyperengine digital base integrating Beidou's full-time and high-precision positioning service is the most efficient spatio-temporal data service engine in the world. The service integrates the world's leading independent patent hyperengine spatio-temporal index cloud technology, constructs a digital base with spatio-temporal as the information cognitive framework for government and enterprises under the background of 5g and new infrastructure, and uses hyperengine full vector non slicing technology to realize high-precision map High precision data services such as high score remote sensing integrate Beidou's 1-meter precision civil Beidou navigation and positioning capabilities, bring higher resolution space-time perception to government and enterprises, realize multi-dimensional spatial analysis of tens of millions of Beidou terminal data and high-precision spatial data, and trigger response of millisecond electronic fence, so that organizations can synchronously and accurately perceive changes between themselves and the world based on four-dimensional space-time, Intelligent monitoring, space-time prediction and autonomous operation bring about organizational coordination and efficiency leap. The open architecture of super engine digital base supports the collaborative innovation and development of application ecological partners in space-time big data industries such as Beidou Positioning at all levels, high-precision map, high-resolution remote sensing, 5g and Internet of things.

       It is reported that the overall space-time service provided by super engine all-time digital base combined with high-precision Beidou Positioning has been implemented in the field of intelligent high-speed, fully realizing the accurate perception, advanced early warning and safety guarantee ability of high-speed departments and drivers and passengers to traffic accidents, abnormal parking, rain, snow and fog weather, natural disasters, two passengers and one danger and other abnormal emergencies and potential risks.

       Professor Cai Yi, chief engineer of the national Beidou foundation enhancement system, chief scientist of Beidou of China Ordnance Industry Group Co., Ltd. and director of the expert committee of Beigao remote technology innovation industry alliance, pointed out in the keynote speech at the conference: at present, China Beidou 3 system has achieved significant improvement in system function, service accuracy, availability, continuity and other performance indicators, The ability of satellite positioning and navigation timing is comparable to or even surpasses that of American GPS. Beidou enhancement system is a high-precision digitization and availability of absolute time and space. It meets the requirements of different industries for high-precision positioning, ultra-high-precision positioning and real-time positioning, and will trigger a "position revolution".

       Cai Yi said that beigaoyao is a combination of three high technologies: Beidou high-precision positioning, high-resolution remote sensing image and high-definition holographic map. It has the characteristics of measurable, perceptible and controllable. He pointed out that the all-time high-precision digital base jointly launched by beigaoyao and Chaoqing technology is presented in the form of holographic map. With the support of Zhishu middle layer data resource layer, it provides services for service layer, application layer and display layer, opens up the connection between consumption and production, realizes the integration and digitization of consumption and production, and enables consumption and production Resource consumption, value creation and sharing are always in a virtuous circle of accurate matching.

       Cai Yi also focused on sharing the role of beigaoyao in the construction of smart city. He mentioned that the development of North high-speed remote integration technology will solve the difficulties of parking, non-standard parking management and high construction cost in the city, and can reduce the cost of urban parking space management to 30% of the current cost.

       Bai Weimin, vice president of Luolan Technology Co., Ltd., Lu Zhe, product director, Guo Zhicheng, general manager of Inner Mongolia langkun Technology Co., Ltd., Yan Zhiyu, general manager of Zhuhai obit Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., and Shuai Jianbo, CEO of lianduo Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., respectively delivered speeches at the conference, sharing Beidou industry's achievements in mobile Internet, smart high-speed Application cases of different industry scenarios such as intelligent transportation, smart city, smart agriculture, remote sensing and Beidou Positioning Data Fusion Application.

       Finally, Zhang Quande, Secretary General of China satellite navigation and positioning Association, made a concluding speech to the conference. Zhang Quande said that the biggest feature of the application of Beidou system is our country's independent and controllable space-time benchmark. It is suitable for measuring the space-time motion state of objects. It has become a space-time benchmark for marking all kinds of information in the information society, and penetrates and affects all aspects of China's economic and social activities.

       He believes that the current stage has entered a key stage of actively promoting Beidou navigation and positioning. Beidou three one after another, the one of the "one belt, one road" initiative will be better suited. On the one hand, it can cooperate with and participate in the local new infrastructure construction, on the other hand, it can go out together with industrial application, which also allows Beidou to better "go out". Truly realize "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou".

       guideBeidou system is an autonomous and controllable satellite in ChinaNavigation system, its navigation, positioning, timing and other functions help to lay a good space-time benchmark for "new infrastructure".

       The success of the conference also makes us believe that the all-time digital base built against the background of Beidou satellite navigation system and new infrastructure will make the system connected, space-time integration and smooth service, so as to realize more efficient organization and collaborative operation and promote the leap of efficiency.

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