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Sacco micro semiconductor slkor power device products are in full swing, and the products are sold well at home and abroad

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Shenzhen sacaowei Semiconductor Co., Ltd(www.slkormicro. com)In recent years, it has developed more and more rapidly. It has become a well-known brand instead of domestic power devices, serving more and more customers, and its products are exported to home and abroad. Sacco micro semiconductorSLKOROur technology comes from Busan, South Korea. Under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager“slkor”After years of development in Greater China, brands and products have realized the transformation from design to designIPTo the localization of key links such as wafer flow and packaging test sales. Sarkozy microSLKORWith strict control over quality, the product quality has been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad, and the sales volume of products at home and abroad has doubled compared with last year.



Shenzhen sacaowei Semiconductor Co., Ltd


two thousand and twenty-oneIt was an opportunity but also a crisis for the semiconductor industry in. Due to the sanctions imposed by the United States on China, there was a shortage of chips in the semiconductor industry this year, which once led to a "core shortage", which led to a large number of purchases by various electronic product manufacturers. This is an opportunity for the semiconductor industry, but opportunities and risks coexist. With the saturation of electronic manufacturers' materials, Ushered in a substantial decline in sales. In this case of large market fluctuations, Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORIt is thanks to the long-term vision of Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Sacco micro, and Mr. Zheng Zhangbiao, deputy general manager. As the old saying goes, "born of hardship and died of happiness", in the rush buying tide, Sacco micro semiconductor is not limited to immediate interests, but makes decisions in the long runSLKORAfter the rush buying tide, it can still maintain stable sales.




Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORThe ability to maintain stable sales volume is inseparable from the quality and product diversification of Sarkozy micro semiconductorSLKORThere are more than ten product lines:



IZener diode

Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORZener diode (also known as zener diode) is mainly used in surge protection, TV overvoltage protection, arc suppression, series voltage stabilizing circuit, and has been widely used in relay, TV, industrial high-power electromagnetic absorption control circuit and other fields. Representative products include:ZMM5V1 LL-34ZMM3V3 LL-34ZMM4V7 LL-34ZMM15 LL-34ZMM12 LL-34ZMM10 LL-34ZMM5V6 LL-34BZT52C15 SOD-123BZT52C3V3 SOD-123BZT52C5V1 SOD-123BZT52C5V6 SOD-123Wait.


Sarkozy microSLKORZener diode


When the voltage regulator is connected in reverse, when the reverse voltage is less than the breakdown voltage, the reverse current is very small and the dynamic resistance is very large. Generally, the larger the working current is, the smaller the dynamic resistance is, and the better the voltage stabilizing performance is. When the reverse voltage is greater than the breakdown voltage, the current flowing through the diode increases sharply, but the voltage at both ends is basically unchanged. This can be used to stabilize voltage.

IISchottky diode

Schottky diode is a Sarkozy micro semiconductorSLKORIt is one of the popular products in the series, and its sales volume once exceeded30%, it's Sacco micro semiconductorSLKOROne of the main products, mainly used in frequency converter, switching power supply, module power supply, driving circuit and other occasions. Representative products include:SS34 SMASS36 SMASS54 SMASS310 SMASS14 SMASS16 SMASS56 SMASS26 SMASS24 SMASS210 SMABAT54C SOT-23B5819WS SOD-323SD103AWS SOD-323BAT54A SOT-23BAT54S SOT-23Wait.


Sarkozy microSLKORSchottky diode


Schottky barrier height ratioPNThe height of the junction barrier is low, and the forward conduction threshold voltage and forward voltage drop are also lower than thatPNJunction diode low. Schottky diode is a majority carrier conductive device, which does not have the problems of minority carrier lifetime and reverse recovery. The reverse recovery time of Schottky diode is only the charge and discharge time of Schottky barrier capacitor, which is completely different from that of Schottky barrier capacitorPNReverse recovery time of junction diode. Because the reverse recovery charge is small, the Schottky diode has extremely fast switching speed and very small switching loss. It is especially suitable for high-frequency applications.


MOSTube is mainly used in switching power supply and uninterruptible power supplyUPS, charger, power adapter, sweeping robot and other consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other products, representative products are:BSS138 SOT-232N7002 SOT-232N7002E SOT-23SL2310 SOT-23SL2301S SOT-23SL2302S SOT-23SL3401S SOT-23BSS123 SOT-23Wait.


SLKORSarkozy microMOSTube (FET)


Field effect transistor(MOSTransistor) is a monopole semiconductor device whose current is controlled by electric field effect. It has the characteristics of high input impedance, low noise, good thermal stability and simple manufacturing process. It is applied in large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits.

IVTVSTransient suppressiondiode

Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORofTVSDiodes are mainly used inUSBInterfaceHDMIInterface, floor sweeping robot, portable electronic equipment and other electronic products, representative products include:SMBJ6. 5CA SMBSMBJ36CA SMBSMBJ5. 0A SMBSMBJ12CA SMBSMBJ26CA SMBSMAJ30CA SMASMAJ24CA SMASMAJ5. 0A SMAWait.


SLKORSarkozy microTVSTransient suppression diode


TVSThe diode will be connected in parallel with the circuit to be protected. When the voltage exceeds the sudden collapse level, excessive current is directly shunted.TVSThe diode is a clamp that suppresses excessive voltages that exceed its collapse voltage. When the overvoltage disappears,TVSThe diode will reset automatically, and its energy absorption is much larger than that of a similar rated crowbar circuit.

TVSDiodes are unidirectional and bidirectional. UnidirectionalTVSThe diode is similar to a commutator in forward operation, but it is designed to withstand a large peak current,1.5KEThe instantaneous power of the series can reach1500 W

VESDAntistatic diode

Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORofESDAntistatic diode inUSBInterfaceHDMIInterface, sweeping robotGPSSystems, portable electronic equipment and other electronic products are widely used. The main products are:SLPESD0402M05 0402SLPESD0402M16 0402SLPESD0603-24 0603Wait.


SLKORSarkozy microESDAntistatic diode


ESDThe full name isElectro-Static discharge, which means "electrostatic discharge" in Chinese. It refers to the charge transfer caused by the proximity or direct contact of objects with different electrostatic potential. In short, it is the phenomenon that the charge is instantly moved from one object to another, forming a charge transfer process, that is, the electrostatic charge transfer between objects or surfaces with different electrostatic potentials (potential difference), that is, electrostatic discharge. stayEMCIn this field, we are used to call it electrostatic discharge immunity test. For details, please refer to international standardsIEC-61000-4-2/GBT 17626.2。 It is divided into contact discharge and electromagnetic field breakdown dielectric discharge.ESDThe anti-static diode can effectively protect the circuit from static electricity.

ViHALLHall switch sensor

There is a hall semiconductor chip in the magnetic field with constant currentIfromAreachBThrough the film. Under the action of Lorentz force,IThe electron flow is offset to one side when passing through the hall semiconductorCDThere is a potential difference in the direction, which is called Hall voltage.



Sarkozy microSLKORhall sensor


The Hall voltage changes with the change of magnetic field strength. The stronger the magnetic field, the higher the voltage, the weaker the magnetic field, and the lower the voltage. The Hall voltage value is very small, usually only a few millivolts, but the voltage can be amplified enough to output a strong signal by the amplifier in the integrated circuit. If Hall integrated circuit is used for sensing, it is necessary to change the magnetic induction intensity by mechanical method.


Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORHall switch sensor(HALL)It is mainly used in switching power supply, electric tools, household appliances and other fields. The representative products are:SL1613SH SOT-23SL1623SH SOT-23SL1603SL SOT-23SL1619SH TO-92SSL1609SL TO-92SSL1629SH TO-92SSL1615SH SOT-553SL1625SH SOT-553Wait.





Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORThyristor(SCR)It is mainly used in industry, transportation, household appliances and other fields. The main representative products are:BTA16-800B TO-220BTA41-800B TO-3PBT136S-800E TO-252BTA12-600B TO-220BTA24-800B TO-220BT169D TO-92MAC97A8 TO-92BT131-800 TO-92MCR100-8 TO-92Wait.



Sarkozy microSLKORThyristorSCR


Thyristor(Silicon Controlled Rectifier)abbreviationSCR, is a high-power electrical component, also known as thyristor. It has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency and long service life. In the automatic control system, it can be used as a high-power driver to control high-power equipment with low-power controls. It has been widely used in AC / DC motor speed regulation system, power regulation system and servo system.


Thyristors are divided into unidirectional thyristors and bidirectional thyristors. Bidirectional thyristor is also called three terminal bidirectional thyristorTRIAC。 The structure of bidirectional thyristor is equivalent to the reverse connection of two unidirectional thyristors, which has the function of bidirectional conduction. Its on-off state is controlled by the control poleGdecision. At the control poleGPlus positive pulse(Or negative pulse)Can make it positive(Or reverse)Turn on. This device has the advantages of simple control circuit and no reverse withstand voltage problem, so it is especially suitable for AC contactless switch.



VIIISwitching diode


Switching diodes are mainly used in3CIn the field of consumer electronics such as digital and power equipment, Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORThe main representative products are:RS1M SMA1N4148W SOD-123BAV21W SOD-123LL4148 LL-34BAV99 SOT-23MMBD4148 SOT-23Wait.



Sarkozy microSLKORSwitching diode


The time of switching diode from off (high resistance state) to on (low resistance state) is called on time; The time from conduction to deadline is called reverse recovery time; The sum of the two times is called the switching time. Generally, the reverse recovery time is greater than the on time, so only the reverse recovery time is given in the service parameters of the switching diode. The switching speed of switching diodes is quite fast. For example, the reverse recovery time of silicon switching diodes is only a few nanoseconds, and even germanium switching diodes are only a few hundred nanoseconds.


Switching diode has the characteristics of fast switching speed, small volume, long service life and high reliability. It is widely used in switching circuit, detection circuit, high frequency and pulse rectification circuit and automatic control circuit of electronic equipment.




IXUniversal diode


General purpose diodes are also Sacco micro semiconductorsSLKOROne of the more popular products, mainly used in consumer electronic products, representative products are:M7 SMAA7 SOD-123FLM1 SMAM4 SMA1SS181 SOT-23Wait.



Sarkozy microSLKORUniversal diode


Diode is a device with two electrodes in electronic components, which only allows current to flow in a single direction. Many applications are based on its rectifying function, while varactor diodes are used as electronic adjustable capacitors. The current directivity of most diodes is calledrectificationFunction. The most common function of diodes is to allow current to pass only in a single direction, which is called forward bias and blocking in reverse, which is called reverse bias.





Triode is widely used in many fields, such as switching power supply, charging pile, inverter and so onSLKORRepresentative products of triode include:SS8050 SOT-23S8050 SOT-23SS8550 SOT-23S8550 SOT-23S9013 SOT-23S9014 SOT-23S9015 SOT-23MMBT5551 SOT-23MMBT5401 SOT-23SL3904 SOT-23SL3906 SOT-23BCP56-16 SOT-223B772 SOT-89Wait.



Sarkozy microSLKORtriode


Triode, the full name should be semiconductor triode, also known as bipolar transistor and crystal triode, is a semiconductor device for controlling current. Its function is to amplify the weak signal into an electrical signal with large amplitude value, and it is also used as a contactless switch.


Triode is one of the basic components of semiconductor. It has the function of current amplification and is the core component of electronic circuit. Triodes are made on a semiconductor substrate with two very close to each otherPNKnot, twoPNThe junction divides the whole semiconductor into three parts, the middle part is the base region, and the two sides are the emission region and collector regionPNPandNPNTwo.




XiLDOLinear regulator


Sacco micro semiconductorLDOThe market demand for products is also very large. Representative products include:AMS1117-3.3 SOT-223AMS1117-3.3 SOT-89AMS1117-5.0 SOT-223AMS1117-5.0 SOT-89AMS1117-ADJ SOT-223LM317 TO-220SL78L05 SOT-89SL78L12 SOT-89It is mainly used in consumer electronic products and other fields.



SLKORSarkozy microLDOLinear regulator


LDONamelylow dropout regulator, is a low dropout linear regulator. This is relative to the traditional linear regulator. Traditional linear regulators, such as78XXSeries of chips require the input voltage to be at least higher than the output voltage2V~3VOtherwise, it will not work properly. However, in some cases, such conditions are obviously too harsh, such as5Vturn3.3V, the pressure difference between input and output is only1.7vObviously, this does not meet the working conditions of the traditional linear regulator. In response to this situation, chip manufacturers have developedLDOClass voltage conversion chip.




XIIPower SupplyICAnd Darlington tube


Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORPower SupplyICAnd Darlington tube, which are mainly used in charging pile, switching power supply, power supply equipment, household appliances and other fields. The representative products areMC34063S SOP-8SL494CNS SOP-16TL431 SOT-23ULN2803AS SOP-18ULN2003AU SOP-16Wait.



Sarkozy microSLKORPower management chip


Power SupplyicIt refers to the pulse width control integration of switching power supply, which is used by the power supply to adjust the stability of output voltage and current. With electronic technologyDevelopment of Technology,Especially the current popularity of portable products and the promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection,Power SupplyICPlay an increasingly important role. several years ago,Power SupplyICOr just integrated regulator andDC/DCconverter,But now the power supplyICIt covers a lot of content,includeDC/DCLDO(low dropout linear regulator), battery charge and discharge managementPWMControllerResetPFC(power factor correction), energy saving control, powerMOSFETwait.



Sarkozy microSLKORDarlington tube


The Darlington transistor is two triodes connected together, and the polarity only recognizes the front triode. The specific connection method is as follows. Take two triodes with the same polarity as an example. The front triode collector is connected with the rear triode collector, and the front triode emitter is connected with the rear triode base. The power of the front triode is generally smaller than that of the rear triode. The front triode base is the Darlington base, and the rear triode emitter is the Darlington emitter, The usage is the same as that of a triode. The magnification is the product of the magnification of two triodes. High power switching circuit, motor speed regulation, inverter circuit and driving small relay are widely used.



The above is Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORA series of products. Sacco micro semiconductorSLKORThe products not only double the sales volume in the domestic semiconductor industry, but also cooperate with overseas enterprises in many countries and regions such as the Netherlands, South Korea and Singapore. Shenzhen sacaowei Semiconductor Co., Ltd(www.slkormicro. com)It has become a well-known domestic alternative brand in the domestic semiconductor industry and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. After several years of unremitting efforts by Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager, and Sarkozy micro team, the core of component products has been realizedIPThe localization of key links such as design, wafer flow, packaging test and sales service has become a genuine "Chinese core" and strives to break through the "neck" of European and American chips in China.


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