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Intel held the 14th Internet of things summit and joined hands with China's ecological partners to move towards a new era of integration edge

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The 14th Intel IoT Summit 2021 with the theme of "Wisdom, Wisdom and All Things"Held in Yinchuan today. At the meeting, Thomas Lantzsch, Intel's senior vice president and global general manager of the Internet of Things Division, communicated with Intel's vice president of the Internet of Things Division, the global general manager of the Internet of Things Video Division, and the China General Manager of the Internet of Things Division through a video connection. Manager Dr. Chen Wei jointly introduced Intel's global strategy, product progress and ecological construction in the field of converged edge and video, and reiterated the important position of the Chinese market in Intel's IoT business. A number of speakers from different fields of the Internet of Things Division of Intel Corporation also focused on the unique environment of the Chinese market through a combination of live speeches and video connections. Excellent results in other fields.

Dr. Chen Wei made a video connection with Thomas Lantzsch at the main venue in Yinchuan


Currently, Intel is vigorously promoting the business progress of the converged edge, and is committed to creating an excellent converged edge product portfolio for customers from a wide range of industries. Intel is working with partners, especially from China, to build a converged edge ecosystem that improves efficiency, enhances security and connectivity, delivers unprecedented services, and drives business model transformation to make intelligence everywhere and truly benefit the planet on everyone.

——Senior Vice President, Intel Corporation

General Manager of IoT Business Unit

Thomas Lantzsch


Converging the edge, the future is here

Ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous connectivity, infrastructure from the cloud to the edge, and artificial intelligence constitute the "four superpowers" that are shaping the digital transformation of industries.At present, Intel is promoting innovation, exploration and growth with super technical strength, and is working with ecological partners including the Chinese market, relying on four super technical strengths to provide leading technologies and accelerate digital transformation, creating technologies that change the world and benefit the planet on everyone.

As an important part of the super technical force "from cloud to edge infrastructure",Intel has further integrated network, computing, and storage, and launched a series of combined punches around the fusion edge.In terms of products, Intel has a wide range of chip product portfolios, ranging from Atom®, Core™, Xeon® and other processor families, to FPGA, Movidus VPU and other inference acceleration products, Intel is able to provide a wide range of industry customers with powerful Computing power, a series of software tools launched by Intel, including the OpenVINO™ tool suite, are also providing strong support for developers to innovate; in terms of ecology, Intel has worked closely with industry partners to jointly build a huge partner ecosystem and Committed to solving the real problems in the digital transformation of thousands of industries; in terms of organizational structure, Intel merged the Network Platform Division, the Internet of Things Division, and the Connectivity Division into one business unit this year, the Network and Edge Division. Advance Intel's technology and product leadership in the converged edge.

Insight into the edge, intelligent upgrade

At the same time of the rapid rise of the converged edge, the edge side is also characterized by a surge in demand for video and artificial intelligence, and the number of cameras deployed on the edge side and the resulting data are also growing rapidly. At the same time, video technology continues to shape the edge, bringing new insights to Intel; video technology is also merging with other super technology forces, including 5G, to continuously promote intelligent upgrades and profoundly affect the way Intel builds the edge , and lead a new transformation.

Dr. Chen Wei, Vice President of Intel's IoT Business Unit, Global General Manager of IoT Video Business Unit, and General Manager of IoT Business Unit China, delivered a keynote speech


Video will become a booster for the development of artificial intelligence and edge computing, and the purpose of the IoT Video Division is to comprehensively promote the development of IoT video technology.High-density computing, computer vision and artificial intelligence applications, complex computing hierarchies,These are the three major characteristics that distinguish the technology of the IoT Video Division from other vertical industry technologies. These three technologies are the basic technologies that can be used in other vertical industries, and they are the fundamental kinetic energy for us to push the boundaries of IoT technology.

——Vice President, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corporation

Global General Manager of IoT Video Business Unit

General Manager of Internet of Things Division China

Dr. Wei Chen


Starting from the three technical characteristics, Intel is constantly promoting the upgrade of video technology from both hardware and software aspects. Whether it is CPU, VPU, ASIC, FPGA and other diversified chips, a series of intelligent hardware equipped with Intel chips, or Intel's full-stack software products, video processing can be multiplied with half the effort. From the security field to the industrial, retail, transportation and public sectors, the basic technology of video is profoundly affecting all walks of life, and has spawned a wider range of application scenarios to help users unlock more business value.

Today, China's retail, financial services, hospitality and education industries are experiencing a wave of innovation. Compared with other regions, Chinese consumers have higher and more demanding requirements for entities. Around these areas, Intel has closely carried out a series of innovative cooperation with Chinese customers, including Intel® super cloud terminals and intelligent video conferencing. For the industrial industry, Intel has developed chips and software products that can meet the unique needs of industrial scenarios, and, together with domestic ecological partners, supports the market's growing demand for workload integration and provides excellent digital transformation solutions for the industrial industry.

At the meeting, Thomas Lantzsch also reiterated that China has always been and will continue to be an important driving force for Intel's success, from the number of customers and solutions, to the number of developer tool downloads, to the results of industry-university-research cooperation. The strong support from Chinese partners has also greatly accelerated Intel's overall pace of innovation. At present, Intel has more than 700 partners in China, more than 1,100 solution design partners and more than 200 members of the Intel Partner Alliance. Intel has designed and built 128 edge solutions with partners in the Chinese market and deployed them in 4,000 edge projects. At the same time, the number of users of the OpenVINO™ tool suite in China has exceeded 100,000. In addition, Intel has launched 50 highly active university projects in China, built Intel® DevCloud, and released edge software center cloud services for the Chinese market.

Wisdom to see the edge, wonderful to be expected

As edge computing enters a period of application explosion, Intel is relying on its own unique combination to help the industry enter a new era of converged edge; video technology is widely deployed, and the analysis and processing of massive data brings insights to the edge. The three major technical characteristics promote the intelligent upgrade of the edge; more edge-cloud integration technologies are continuously emerging, and Intel is promoting the edge-cloud collaboration to become a reality, thereby setting off a wave of innovation in thousands of industries. Currently, Intel is working with ecological partners to lead industry changes and promote industrial upgrading through innovative converged edge solutions, so that AIoT applications can truly benefit people's lives.

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