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Golden beacon Science Popularization: what is McX interface?

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So, the little editor of the golden beacon talks to you: what isMcX interfaceAnd?

McX is a type of connector developed in 1980s and used in microwave transmission range. It has frequencies up to 6GHz and is the second smallest family of micro connectors. At approximately 30% smaller than the micro B connector (measured at 0.140 inch on the outside diameter of the plug), McX is designed to completely minimize water leakage to its connector.

The McX connector uses a standard coaxial cable and features a snap on interface, where the connectors simply press together to join them. This tool is free to configure and helps in a narrow space, but it is easy to damage because of its small size. However, the well-known interface is easy to use at the same time, which also means that there may be bumpy situations in case of connection failure.

Actual contact and insulation are exactly the same as SME connectors, but there are also several significant differences between the two countries. Smaller cases allow more flexibility in narrow conditions. In addition, McX connectors are available in a variety of different configurations, including right angle and straight line connections.

Although small and low-cost, McX connectors have high quality and process, which are connected with high-grade materials, such as gold, to provide citizens with high-quality connections in such a high frequency range. In addition, the McX on the connector gasket is designed for all conditions, including silicone rubber suitable for slug. In addition, McX connectors are designed to work with many different cables, including small RG flexible coaxial cables and semi-rigid cables.

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