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What are the types of wireless antennas? What are the characteristics?

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Guide: with the increasing demand for antennas in people's life, many types of antennas have entered people's vision. As a widely used antenna type, wireless antenna has many kinds, and different kinds of application scenarios are also different. So what are the types of this antenna? What are the characteristics?


1、 Built in wireless antenna

Built in wireless antenna is a widely used type. This antenna is usually small and easy to install inside the equipment to provide signal support for the equipment. This kind of antenna has many types and a wide range of application scenarios. The relatively wide application scenario is the intelligent communication equipment. Usually, the built-in wireless antenna of this intelligent communication equipment has the characteristics of small volume and strong signal strength, which can facilitate the carrying of intelligent equipment.

2、 External wireless antenna

In addition to the built-in type, there are external wireless antennas. This type of antenna usually has no large requirements for antenna volume. However, there are certain requirements for the appearance of the antenna, because the external antenna can not affect the overall appearance of the equipment first. If it affects the overall appearance of the equipment, its installation position will be changed. Therefore, the external antenna usually has high requirements for the appearance.

3、 Focus on the type of performance

Among the types of wireless antennas, a special type is the performance type. The main feature is its strong performance, which can provide super signal coverage for the equipment. This kind of antenna is usually used in scenes with high signal demand.

aboutWireless antennaGenerally speaking, there are many different types with different characteristics. When selecting, we should make actual selection according to our own needs.


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