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Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system completion press conference: Beidou + 5g will bring revolutionary changes to UAV and other industries

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The Information Office of the State Council held a press conference at 10 a.m. on August 3, 2020, inviting ran Chengqi, director of China satellite navigation system management office and spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system, Xie Jun, deputy chief designer of Beidou system engineering and chief engineer of Beidou 3 satellite system, Lin Baojun, chief engineer of Beidou 3 satellite system, Chen Jinping, chief engineer of operation control system of beidou-3 project, introduced the completion and opening of beidou-3 global satellite navigation system and answered reporters' questions.

Hu kaihong, director of the information bureau of the State Council Information Office and spokesman (Photo by Xu Xiangxiang)

      Hu kaihong:

      Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council today. Today, we are very pleased to invite Mr. ran Chengqi, director of China satellite navigation system management office and spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system, Mr. Xie Jun, deputy chief designer of Beidou system engineering and chief engineer of Beidou 3 satellite system, Mr. Lin Baojun, chief engineer of Beidou 3 satellite system, and Mr. Chen Jinping, chief engineer of Beidou 3 operation control system, Please tell us about the completion and opening of the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system and answer your questions of interest.

      First of all, I'd like to invite ran Chengqi, director, to make an introduction.

Ran Chengqi, director of China satellite navigation system management office and spokesman of Beidou satellite navigation system (Photo by Xu Xiang)

      Ran Chengqi:

      Ladies and gentlemen, media friends, good morning. It is a great pleasure to attend today's press conference with my three colleagues. *** Next, I will introduce the situation from four aspects.

      Ran Chengqi:

      1、 The project construction was completed half a year ahead of schedule, highlighting China's speed

      Overcome difficulties and come to a perfect end. The construction of Beidou 3 was started in November 2009. Over the past 10 years, the project construction has gone through five stages: key technology breakthrough, experimental satellite project, simplest system, basic system and complete system. The global constellation deployment has been completed half a year ahead of schedule and the whole system service has been opened. Opening upon completion and service upon opening have made great achievements in project construction. First, overcome key core technologies and realize independent control. More than 400 units and more than 300000 scientific and technological personnel gathered their wisdom to tackle key problems, overcome more than 160 key core technologies such as inter satellite link and high-precision atomic clock, break through the localization development of more than 500 kinds of device components, and achieve a localization rate of 100% of the core device components of beidou-3 satellite. Second, give full play to the institutional advantages of the whole country and efficiently complete networking. Strengthen centralized and unified leadership, build and strengthen the overall project and two general development teams, innovate the development and construction system based on the overall, technology, quality and progress standards, and shorten the development cycle of single satellite by one quarter, the general assembly cycle of launch vehicle by one third and the satellite network access cycle by three quarters. Build and form a risk analysis and control guarantee chain, launch without hidden dangers and go to heaven without doubts. Since November 2017, 18 arrows and 30 satellites have been launched with high density in two and a half years, and more than 40 ground stations have been built, rapidly forming the integrated operation capacity of satellite and earth. Especially in the face of COVID-19's influence and the quality situation in the aerospace industry since the beginning of the year, the project has been vigorously implementing the task, organizing and implementing the product quality, reviewing product quality and paying close attention to task risk prevention and control.

      Ran Chengqi:

      2、 The system has powerful functions and first-class performance, showing Chinese quality

Pursue excellence, world-class. The construction objectives are international, iterative upgrading and incremental projects are implemented, and the functional performance indicators reach world-class. First, the system is powerful. Beidou-3 has two major functions of navigation and positioning and communication data transmission. It can provide seven kinds of services: positioning and navigation timing, global short message communication, regional short message communication, international search and rescue, satellite based enhancement, ground-based enhancement and precision single point positioning. It is a powerful global satellite navigation system. Second, advanced performance indicators. The global positioning accuracy is better than 10m, the speed measurement accuracy is better than 0.2m/s, the timing accuracy is better than 20 nanoseconds, the service availability is better than 99%, and the performance in the Asia Pacific region is better. Today, we specially brought an exhibition board to show you. This picture is the situation when the Beidou basic system was just completed in 2018. The shaded parts and darker colors in the picture are the areas that the system cannot cover. At that time, the global service availability was 95%; Now, after the completion of Beidou global system, there is no shadow in the above figure in 2020, and the global service availability is more than 99%. Second, the star map of Beidou satellite over typical regions of the world. The red dots represent the observed Beidou satellite, and the number of our satellites has greatly increased. The measured navigation and positioning accuracy is 2-3m, which is better than the index accuracy published by us. Therefore, Beidou is a particularly easy-to-use system.

      The short message communication service has been upgraded and expanded, and the regional communication capacity has reached 14000 bits (1000 Chinese characters) each time. It can transmit not only text, but also voice and pictures, and support the global communication capacity of 560 bits (40 Chinese characters) each time. Satellite based augmentation service has a class of vertical guided approach (apv-i) capability, which fills the gap of satellite based augmentation service in China. The detection probability of international search and rescue service is better than 99%, with the characteristic ability of return link confirmation, which significantly enhances the survival confidence of people in distress. In addition, ground enhancement and precision single point positioning can also provide the highest centimeter level positioning service.

      Today, on the basis of the relevant documents released in the early stage, we will release the interface control documents for five types of services: positioning and navigation timing (B2B), satellite based enhancement (bdsbas-b1c), ground-based enhancement, precision single point positioning (ppp-b2b) and international search and rescue, and the Beidou official website will be launched simultaneously. The interface control documents of regional short message communication and global short message communication services will be released to the public. So far, the interface control document issued by Beidou system has covered all 7 types of services. This is the interface control file of all 7 types of Beidou services brought here today to be launched synchronously for development and production by all enterprises.

      Ran Chengqi:

      3、 Remarkable comprehensive benefits, fruitful results and condensed Chinese wisdom

      First, it is an important tool of the country to benefit the country and the people. Beidou system has fully served transportation, public security, disaster relief and mitigation, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, urban governance and other industries, and integrated into the construction of national core infrastructure such as power, finance and communication. 28nm process chips have been mass produced, and 22nm process chips are about to be mass produced. Most smart phones support Beidou function, and mobile phones supporting Beidou foundation enhanced high-precision applications have been listed. Build a complete industrial chain integrating chips, modules, boards, terminals and operation services. Over the past 10 years, the overall output value of China's satellite navigation and location service industry has increased by more than 20% annually, reaching 345 billion yuan in 2019 and is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan in 2020. Beidou has been applied in the central European train transportation, Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed rail construction and operation, civil aviation and other aspects. Based on Beidou's high-precision service, it plays an active role in fighting against COVID-19 and the southern floods. It is accelerating the entry into new capital construction, integrating with new technologies such as new generation communication, block chain, Internet of things, AI, etc. New economies are emerging.

      Second, China's Beidou and the world's Beidou. Beidou is one of the four major global satellite navigation systems approved by the United Nations. The compatibility, interoperability and inter system cooperation with satellite navigation systems of the United States, Russia and the European Union continued to deepen. It has successively entered civil aviation, maritime affairs, search and rescue satellite, mobile communication and other international organizations, and several international standards supporting Beidou system have been released. The China Arab Beidou Cooperation Forum and China Central Asia Beidou cooperation forum were successfully held, the first overseas Beidou center was built in Tunisia, and Algeria won the bid for the foundation enhancement network project. At the ninth ministerial meeting of the China Arab Cooperation Forum, China and Argentina agreed to continue to promote in-depth cooperation. At present, Beidou related products have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions to provide services to users above 100 million. Beidou Based Land Surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, digital construction and smart port have been successfully applied in ASEAN, South Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Africa.

      Ran Chengqi:

      4、 Build a comprehensive positioning and navigation time service system, and continue to create in China

      Adhering to the development concept of "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou and the first-class Beidou", and vigorously carrying forward the new era Beidou spirit of "independent innovation, openness and integration, unity of mind and the pursuit of excellence", a more ubiquitous, integrated and intelligent national comprehensive positioning, navigation and timing system will be built by 2035 to provide core support for intelligent and unmanned development in the future, We will continue to promote the upgrading of the system, integrate new generation communication, low orbit enhancement and other emerging technologies, vigorously develop new quality capabilities such as quantum navigation, all source navigation and micro pnt, and build a space-time information service infrastructure covering the sky, earth and sea, unified benchmark, high precision, high intelligence, high security and high efficiency. Serve the world and benefit mankind!

      Now, my colleagues and I are willing to answer your questions. thank you.

      Hu kaihong:

      Thank you, director ran Chengqi. Let's start asking questions.

Questions from CCTV reporter of China Central Radio and television (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      CCTV reporter of China Central Radio and television:

      At present, the Beidou system has begun to take shape in terms of application and market-oriented development. How will it comprehensively promote the in-depth application of Beidou System in the future? thank you.

      Ran Chengqi:

      *** Great progress has been made in the early stage of Beidou's application. The output value of satellite navigation industry will exceed 345 billion yuan in 2019. However, compared with the achievements of system construction, Beidou's future application road is still long. Focus on the following aspects.

      First, build a complete policy guarantee system, such as corresponding legal guarantee, establish corresponding standards, etc., and build an industrial environment for the better development of Beidou.

      Second, be more open and integrated. The seven types of documents released today are convenient for enterprises all over the world to pay attention to, use, develop and produce Beidou products, so that such easy-to-use Beidou products can penetrate into all walks of life earlier.

      Third, we should further promote the integration of satellite navigation and emerging technologies, such as 5g, mobile communication, big data and the Internet, which will bring new and more models, business formats and economic growth points.

      Fourth, pay more attention to scientific research and innovation. Innovation is the eternal soul of Beidou construction and application. Innovation will also bring great changes to industry, economy and society. For example, the novel coronavirus pneumonia played an important role in the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year. The construction of the Raytheon hill and the fire god mountain is known as the Beidou mountain. The precise mapping is the contribution of the Beidou. In the transportation of disaster relief vehicles, the Beidou also provides a high precision benchmark service.

      Beidou has also made great contributions to the fight against floods this year. For example, it has played a good role in deformation monitoring, early warning, transferring personnel and ensuring the safety of life and property.

      I think with the joint promotion of Beidou application throughout the country and more attention from all countries in the world, Beidou application will have better prospects. thank you.

A reporter from CCTV asked a question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      CCTV reporter:

      In order to ensure the long-term, continuous and stable reliable service of the satellite system, what methods are used to ensure the quality and reliability of satellite products in satellite development? After launch, how does the launch ground check and evaluate the operation of the satellite and on-board equipment?

      Ran Chengqi:

      It's my pleasure to invite Xie Jun, deputy chief engineer of engineering, to answer this question.

Xie Jun, deputy chief designer of Beidou system engineering and chief engineer of satellite system of Beidou 3 project (Photo by Xu Xiang)

      Xie Jun:

      thank you. Beidou system is a high-risk and complex system. It is technically characterized by a hybrid constellation. It has geo and IGSO satellites with an altitude of about 36000 km and MEO satellites with an altitude of about 21000 km. It has high requirements for satellite indicators, complex space environment and a service life of more than 10 and 12 years. As a satellite product, its quality is difficult to maintain and repair in orbit It is difficult to replace, so we have done a lot of detailed and effective work after development and orbit.

      First of all, in the design of satellite system scheme, we choose mature technical scheme, so as to ensure the minimum risk. For some new technologies, Beidou's innovative technical systems and products, we have carried out sufficient ground test verification to ensure that these risks are controllable. At the same time, in terms of design, we are concerned that objectively, as a satellite product, there can be no problems. We all consider the design with redundancy and backup. If a single machine has problems with the same function and is replaced by another single machine, such as the time-frequency system, we ensure seamless switching and reliable and stable operation of the system. In the selection of single machine in the design stage, we first established such rules and earnestly implemented them at the same time.

      In the process of production and development, for the high-density launch of Beidou, we have completed some special requirements such as 30 star launch and batch production in three years, so as to avoid quality problems caused by progress. We also have strict quality management regulations. First of all, the technical status of the product must be strictly and fully demonstrated, and the change must be approved and verified at all levels. In addition, we strictly control the links that are very basic and original components and raw materials that inherently affect the product quality. There are special agencies responsible for the screening of components and raw materials. If there are doubtful problems, the whole batch will not be used. This is the first step in the development and production stage. The second step is to have complete mechanical and thermal vacuum experiments for all products to go to heaven, just like other products. Beidou also has a special place. In the face of batch production and high density, we specially arrange special reliability experiments for key single machines. The on orbit working temperature of a product may be in the range of plus or minus 10 degrees. For similar products, the design and production state shall be tightened by 20 degrees and 25 degrees. The working range of a product is 40 degrees, which may be 60 degrees at ordinary times, and it shall be done in the whole life cycle. The reliability special project has made a very solid contribution to ensuring the quality of products for heaven in the whole development process of Beidou. There are some doubtful problems that we solve through this. The third step is to tighten the product acceptance. During the acceptance process, the data comparison of products shall be done well. A baseline shall be established for the first batch of products, and the baseline data shall be compared for the second, third and tenth batches of products. We have a data success envelope. Through such measures, the products of the previous day will be released without problems and doubts.

      Xie Jun:

      After the satellite was launched into orbit, the engineering development team did not do any work. In terms of management, compared with other space systems, Beidou system has specially set up an on orbit support system dominated by satellite designers. Experienced satellite designers continuously interpret the on orbit products and satellite working status through the working parameters transmitted by the satellite and the signals of working status, such as the data of atomic clock. We continuously accumulate the trend analysis, The same is true for the integrity of navigation signals. In engineering, regular evaluation shall be carried out. Through the evaluation, we can find some change laws. For these laws, we study the corresponding countermeasures on the ground. After entering orbit, we also make full use of big data technology to regulate the working state of satellite products, such as sometimes working temperature and current. There is a special risk and control guarantee chain. The corresponding documents have entered version 2.0. There were versions 1.0 and 1.1 the year before last. We upgraded to version 2.0 before opening the service this year. Through such management, the development process is tightened, and the monitoring will not be relaxed after heaven. The concept of the whole system should "find problems before faults, find signs before problems, and solve problems before signs". The "solve problems before signs" means that users must not experience the impact of first-class Beidou on their use, Beidou system has made real commitments in terms of service functions and performance indicators. It is believed that through the preliminary work and subsequent on track measures, Beidou system will be able to provide continuous, stable and reliable first-class services for users all over the world.thank youEverybody.

South China Morning Post reporter's question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      South China Morning Post reporter:

      You just mentioned that the Beidou system will be compatible with the systems of the United States and Russia. Can you specifically say how China will further promote the compatibility of the Beidou system? Second, what large-scale space projects similar to Beidou can be expected from China in the future. thank you.

      Ran Chengqi:

      First, satellite navigation is the common wealth of mankind. The satellite navigation system has always been the ultimate pursuit of providing services to the world. Beidou undoubtedly adheres to "peaceful development and human sharing". Adhering to the concept of "serving the world and benefiting mankind", Beidou has specially established the International Committee on global satellite navigation systems under the framework of the United Nations, Beidou system is one of the four core suppliers. From the beginning of construction, Beidou system has been pursuing the goal of providing better services to the world. Compatibility and interoperability is a very important cooperation content between satellite navigation systems. In short, it is to solve the problem of non-interference between Beidou and other satellite navigation systems at the signal level, and realize the application benefits of "1 > 2". We are pleased to see that the cooperation between Beidou and other satellite navigation systems has made good progress. Both sides have signed intergovernmental agreements or memorandums of cooperation on compatibility and interoperability with GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. Of course, this is only the first stage of cooperation. In the future, we should further promote cooperation in application, technology and follow-up development. China has this confidence, strength and desire to continue to promote cooperation with other systems.

      As for the follow-up development, Beidou is always on the road, built on the road and applied on the road. After the completion of Beidou 3, we have started the construction and development of the next generation of Beidou. We will build a more intelligent, ubiquitous and integrated system by 2035. In short, the three-dimensional services from indoor to outdoor, deep sea to deep space cover a stronger, safer and more reliable system. We are promoting the demonstration and follow-up construction of this project. It must be a new highlight project of Beidou 3. thank you.

Phoenix Satellite TV reporter's question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      Phoenix Satellite TV reporter:

      We just introduced the satellite safety problem. We know that there is a ground control system. How does it consider ensuring the operation stability of the system? What role will it play?

Chen Jinping, chief engineer of operation control system of Beidou 3 project (Photo by Xu Xiang)

      Chen Jinping:

      Beidou-3 system has 30 satellites in orbit and dozens of ground stations. Satellite to satellite networking, satellite to ground networking and ground to ground networking are extremely complex. It is also an extremely complex problem for the stable operation of the system and ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted service. Of course, Beidou system needs to promise services to the majority of users, which is also a bottom line problem. To this end, we have done a lot of work. Here we mainly introduce three aspects.

      First, we have established a sufficient fault handling plan. Beidou-3 system has been providing basic services to the world for one and a half years since the end of 2018. The trial operation of various characteristic services fully opened this time began in May, and it has been more than two months so far. In this process, Beidou system has also achieved continuous service. This is not to say that there have been no failures in our system. Every time a fault occurs, our operation and maintenance personnel not only deal with it in time and return it to zero, but also strengthen the implementation of drawing inferences from one instance and establish a library of accumulated fault disposal plans. In our early integration test, we specially designed many fault test scenarios and put them in the library as fault plans. With the accumulated basis of such plans and 20 years of long-term operation and management experience of Beidou 1 and Beidou 2, our operation and maintenance personnel are more and more calm about various faults of Beidou 3.

      Second, we have established sufficient operation and maintenance guarantee means. In the design of beidou-3 system, the stable operation has been fully considered, and the construction of corresponding operation guarantee system has been arranged synchronously. For example, the big data analysis system can carry out association analysis and mining analysis of various satellite ground operation state data, so as to provide support for the stable operation and fault prediction of the system. In addition, a lot of external monitoring data are introduced to timely feed back and diagnose the service performance status of the system. At the same time, interference detection system and training support system have been established, which were not available in the past. This time, with the opening of the whole system, we will put it into use together, which will certainly play a better role in escorting the stable operation of the system.

      Third, a perfect operation and management mechanism has been established. Beidou system has long adhered to the "multi-party joint guarantee mechanism". The permanent operation and maintenance unit of the ground system and other equipment development units of the satellite system establish a coordination mechanism to jointly manage and maintain the system. In addition, there are state consultation mechanism and normal patrol maintenance mechanism, which can organically combine our operation and maintenance personnel with the operation of the system. We often say that we can manage the system well to ensure the stable operation of the system.

      The construction goal of Beidou system is "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou and the first-class Beidou". The first-class Beidou is also the goal of system operation management. If the system is first-class or not, it still needs long-term operation service to test, and also needs the majority of user experience to evaluate. In the future operation and management process, we will adhere to the original mission of Beidou people, adhere to the work style of "strict, careful and practical", run and manage the system well, ensure the reliability of system service and let everyone rest assured. thank you.

China Daily reporter's question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      China Daily reporter:

      Beidou satellite needs long-term on orbit operation. What are the specific measures to ensure the continuous advanced nature of satellites on orbit? thank you.

Lin Baojun, chief engineer of satellite system of beidou-3 project (Photo by Xu Xiang)

      Lin Baojun:

      This is really a good question. Usually, a major breakthrough takes ten years. Our satellite has a service life of 10-12 years. At the end of its service life, it is already a technology 20 years ago. When you think about the technology 20 years ago, it is difficult to say that it is advanced. So how to ensure long life and high reliability, especially the unsustainable satellite's advanced nature, is indeed a difficult problem, and it is also a proposition that has troubled us for a long time in the early stage of engineering. Usually, a system is designed according to the short board theory. How much water can a wooden bucket hold? The short board determines the amount of water. The short board theory is the most economical. Generally speaking, as long as the requirements and indicators of the system are met, there is no need to consider the margin too much, including the margin of indicators and capacity, which is not very suitable for long-life and highly reliable satellites. Our approach is to stick to the current indicators, but to integrate the long board and the short board through continuous innovation, continuously improve the advanced nature of the hardware system, and solve the continuous improvement of the performance of the satellite launch products by orbit empowerment.

      At the beginning of engineering design, we broke the practice of no more than 30% of new technologies in the past, made forward-looking planning on configuration and adopted a series of innovative technologies as much as possible. Our new technologies even exceed 70%. For example, when new technologies continue to emerge and the system update cycle is very fast, this approach is more conducive to improve the performance of the system. In the process of product development, reliable "innovative technology, mature process and sufficient ground verification" are adopted to ensure on orbit success. Especially before each group of satellites is put into operation, we will conduct a final status confirmation to ensure the success of heaven products. For example, in the early stage of the project, in order to solve the problem of ground coverage, we proposed the inter satellite link scheme of "phased array", which is a technology never seen in the world. We solved the problem well with this idea. This technology has become a very important innovation, connecting the whole satellite into a large network. Domestic stations can realize the measurement and control of all satellites, and realize one satellite communication and one star communication. After the satellite was launched, there was no way to change the hardware. The following problems were solved through on orbit enabling technology. Just like the mobile phone, the mobile phone can update the system through software upgrade. We can download a new app and add new capabilities. Our capability is called "software reconfiguration and on orbit enabling" on the satellite. When the satellite has this capability, the satellite can complete the continuous improvement of performance and capability after launch.

      In general, we made good forward-looking planning in the early stage of the project. In the process of project construction, we well grasped the relationship between innovation and inheritance of the system, so that the project construction of Beidou 3 system was completed half a year ahead of schedule, and also achieved our general goal of building a world-class Beidou. So that Beidou has truly become "China's Beidou, the world's Beidou and the first-class Beidou". Thank you.

Reporter's question from Hong Kong Bauhinia magazine (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      Hong Kong Bauhinia magazine reporter:

      Flood and earthquake disasters have occurred in many places in southern China recently, and the flood control situation is relatively severe. Can you introduce in detail the practical application of Beidou navigation in recent flood control and disaster relief? thank you.

      Ran Chengqi:

      This year is a year of serious floods in China. China is also a country with many natural disasters. Satellite navigation, especially Beidou system, plays a particularly important supporting role in disaster reduction and prevention of natural disasters. Beidou system is very different from other satellite navigation systems. I often talk about two characteristic services. One is short message service. Short message service is that it can send short messages without the support of any ground mobile communication network. Beidou 3 has been greatly improved to 14000 bits (1000 Chinese characters) at a time, which can transmit images and voice, This is a remarkable achievement. We have a global inter satellite link. It is precisely because of the inter satellite link function that we have expanded and realized the global short message. Everyone can rely on Beidou to provide communication means without mobile communication anywhere in the world. Therefore, Beidou's first characteristic service is Beidou's short message service.

      Another important feature service is high-precision applications. Relying on the satellite system in the sky, we have built a high-precision enhancement network on the ground. There are nearly 3000 ground stations in China. The maximum accuracy can be processed to centimeter level in real time and millimeter level in post-processing. The change of deformation monitoring and debris flow is in millimeter motion. If this system is combined with corresponding auxiliary equipment, real-time deformation monitoring can be carried out, including early warning and transfer of personnel in places with debris flow on railways and slopes, so as to win time for rescue.

      This year, a Beidou monitoring system was installed in Shimen County, Hunan Province, my hometown. There was a debris flow and landslide in one town. More than 60 people were warned and transferred in advance, ensuring the safety of people's lives and property. Beidou has played an important role in the flood in the south this year. We call on all provinces, cities and places to pay attention to the new application of Beidou. High precision must be an invincible card for Beidou in the future. High precision mobile phones can be expected in the future. If mobile phones with high-precision applications are used, Lane level navigation can be realized when driving. If you call a taxi, you can let the taxi drive under your feet with your eyes closed.

      We often talk about the application of Beidou. As the saying goes, "people have my advantages without me", but for Beidou, it is "people have my advantages without me". Why do you say so? We have done better in other systems. We are a first-class Beidou with the best positioning accuracy, which is not available in other systems. In addition to navigation and timing, Beidou also has many value-added services, such as short message and satellite based enhancement. We also have a characteristic service, international search and rescue service. Beidou system joins the international search and rescue organization to provide disaster relief at sea, Ships can send distress signals through Beidou satellite. But in the past, the international search and rescue organization standard was a one-way link. You only sent it. You don't know whether the other party has received it or whether someone is organizing to rescue you and sending rescue forces. Beidou has solved this problem because of its strong communication ability. After the ground operation control station receives the signal, we send a message to tell you that we have received your distress message. Therefore, Beidou's rich and diverse services have made more contributions to the world. Now Beidou's return link characteristic services are about to join the new standards of international organizations. High precision application and disaster prevention and reduction will bring many changes. In the process of disaster prevention and reduction, Beidou has a shadow in the epidemic this year when we use it for spring ploughing and summer harvest. Therefore, I especially appeal to media friends to pay more attention to the innovative application of Beidou. thank you.

Questions from reporters of China News Agency (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      China News Agency reporter:

      Just now, the spokesman mentioned that China plans to build a more ubiquitous, integrated and intelligent national integrated positioning, navigation and time service system by 2035. How should we understand the national integrated positioning and navigation timing system? How will this system be built in the future?

      Ran Chengqi:

      I also talked about this problem earlier. *** After the completion of Beidou 3, the stable operation of the system shall be solved first. Just now, chief engineer Chen Jinping specially said that the continuous, stable and highly reliable operation of the system is a top priority. We are confident, capable and determined to do a good job. The next step is to plan for future development. For example, we will build low earth orbit satellite enhancement means in the future. As we all said just now, high-precision applications are so good. Now it is a ground system. Only China can enjoy it. How can we share high-precision services to the world, so we should move the high-precision network to the sky, We are about to build a space-based LEO constellation system. It is expected to build a high-precision network by 2025, and the world will enjoy Beidou's centimeter positioning service. Imagine Beidou's great achievement in providing centimeter level services around the world.

      In addition, satellite navigation has natural vulnerability. The signal is weak and easy to be disturbed. Entering the room will have a certain impact. Underwater navigation will encounter many difficulties, which will be solved later. Therefore, we should solve the problems of underwater navigation, weak indoor navigation signal and deep space. For example, the recent exploration of Mars, the future to the deep space, to the further universe, its navigation depends on who? Beidou should make due contributions. The so-called integrated positioning and navigation timing system (pnt system) takes satellite navigation as the core and foundation and integrates various technologies in current cognition to make it safer, higher performance and more reliable. We especially look forward to the completion and arrival of this system in 2035. thank you.

Cover news reporter's question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      Cover reporter:

      What is the accuracy of Beidou system compared with foreign satellite navigation systems? Just now, the spokesman mentioned that "I have no one, and I have my advantages". Please describe in detail the advantages of Beidou system that other navigation systems do not have?

      Ran Chengqi:

      The accuracy of the Beidou system is now 10 meters. In the actual test process, it is usually 2-3 meters. Among them, there is a signal of one frequency point, and the positioning accuracy in the world can best reach a few meters. So Beidou is a first-class system.

      In terms of "no one has me", global short message, regional short message, satellite based enhancement and ground

      Base enhancement, search and rescue services, precision single point positioning, etc. we provide seven services. We say "1 6". The follow-up development will make "1" stronger and stronger, and the functions of "6" become richer and richer. This is the characteristic of our Beidou.

21st Century Business Herald reporter's question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      21st Century Business Herald reporter:

      Just now, director ran Chengqi introduced the progress of chips. 28 nm chips have been mass produced and 22 nm chips are about to be mass produced. The development of chip is a key step in the application of Beidou system. I want to know what new technologies can be disclosed to us in the follow-up chip development? The development of Beidou System in the space segment is very fast and significant, but Beidou chip is still a short board and pain point of the whole application. What ideas do you think we can support in the development of Beidou chip, so that the industry can follow up quickly and the whole system application can develop rapidly? thank you.

      Ran Chengqi:

      On the issue of application, we often say that application is the starting point and foothold of Beidou system construction. Chip, "China core" is certainly the core of the system. What you said is not entirely accurate. Now all links of Beidou industrial chain have been opened up, and mass production of chips, boards and antennas has been realized. Let me give you an example. The scale of Beidou chips has exceeded 100 million, and 22 nm chips are about to be mass produced. What level is this? In the world, the highest technology of satellite navigation chip is this level, so our current level should be world-class. The key is that after Chinese enterprises participate, they rely on the enthusiasm of Chinese scientific and technological personnel and enterprises to greatly reduce the price. Now the cheapest chip is less than US $1, about 6 yuan, including tax. We are particularly confident to make the chip good and cheap. High precision board. Ten years ago, the most expensive high-precision board for satellite navigation was more than 100000 yuan. Today, Chinese enterprises participate. After Chinese enterprises make Beidou high-precision board, they have less than 3000 yuan in China, and enterprises still have enough profits.

      It should be said that Chinese enterprises are very active in our chip development planning. The government should create a good environment, provide policies, such as intellectual property protection, preferential policies, tax policies and capital loan policies, and encourage Chinese enterprises to continue to increase support and investment in the chip and Beidou industrial chain, so as to improve the Beidou industrial chain. We expect the Beidou industry to go further than it is now, which is why we pay special attention to Beidou applications.

      Hu kaihong:

      One last question.

People's Daily reporter's question (Photo by Jiao Fei)

      People's daily news reporter:

      New infrastructure has recently become a hot word. 5g and satellite Internet belong to this category. Excuse me, is there a combination of 5g and Beidou? What changes will it bring to our lives?

      Ran Chengqi:

      5g is a new benchmark of mobile communication in the future. China has done a lot of work on 5g, which is gradually going deep into economic and social development and people's daily life. With the arrival of 5g, higher requirements will be put forward for time and location. In the cognitive future, only satellite navigation system can provide more accurate position and time information. Therefore, 5g and Beidou satellite navigation system have natural integration. With the advent of 5g, from the Internet to the Internet of things, we especially hope that the integration of Beidou and 5g, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies will give birth to emerging industries and industries and bring new economic growth points. We see many new changes, such as high-precision application to wind power generation, which can improve the benefit by more than 20%. After the arrival of 5g, it can produce revolutionary changes in unmanned driving, automatic driving, UAV and so on. Chinese domestic enterprises are committed to integrating Beidou high-precision applications with 5g, and making many innovative applications in automatic driving and Internet vehicles. Of course, Internet car is only one aspect. Unmanned and intelligent must be a new change brought by Beidou 5g.

      Hu kaihong:

      This is the end of the press conference. Thank you.

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