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How to choose RF connector in 5g era?

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RF connector,It is generally considered to be an element mounted on a cable or instrument along with5g commercial promotionG equipment faces upgradingRF connectorAsTransmission lineon the wayFor electrically connected or separated components, the traditional RF connector can not meet the requirements in terms of transmission rate and reliabilityDemand for 5g large-scale massive MIMO antenna.


The design of MIMO antenna focuses on the high-speed signal transmission between a large number of antenna arrays between PCB boards and RF transceivers. Therefore, the development of RF connectors with high transmission rate, high power and small size is imminent. In short, we need "smaller, lighter" high-end connectors.


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For example, it is widely used in distributed base station systemRRH (remote radio head), in order to be installed simply, conveniently and reliably on the top of the tower and in the dense urban environment, its design must be very compact, and its size must be controlled as much as possible, which requires that the coaxial interconnection system carrying its RF signal transmission must also be more concise and compact. The traditional complex cable component connection is being replaced by the "board to board" coaxial connector connection which is simple, compact, reliable and can carry more than 100W RF signal power at the same time.In order to meet such requirements, golden beaconKingelm has developed and produced relevant products.


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Golden beaconkinghelmRF coaxial connectors can be used to build base stations, expand network coverage and improve traffic,U. FL antenna base,Kinghelm seriesU. FL antenna can be equipped with various micro devices to meet a wide range of frequency requirements. The connector provides high-frequency performance from DC to 6GHz, with a v.s.w.r. maximum of 1.3 to 1.5. This is of great help to promote the process of 5g.


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Golden beaconkinghelmThe connector is a subminiature surface mount coaxial connector with1.9mm or 2.3mm, or 2.4mm standard fit height, the maximum is 2.0 or 2.4mm, 2.5mm. Secondly, the installation area of u.fl antenna base is small. If it is on the board, it occupies an area of 7.7mm2 and is light, only 15.7mg In addition, it supports high-frequency transmission up to 6GHz and automates on-board layout. U. FL antenna base is terminated with super tin coaxial (fluorinated resin insulated) cable. Ultra fine coaxial cable (single braided shield) with standard diameter of 0.81mm is used for plug termination to ensure safe and stable connection. Coaxial cable can provide different od requirements. Available extraction tools will be used during installation to ensure correct disconnection of plug and socket. Tactile Click to confirm complete mating conditions to ensure complete electrical and mechanical connections. Finally, the u.fl RF coaxial connector meets the requirements of halogen-free environmental protection. According to the definition of iec61249-2-21, the maximum br-900 ppm, the maximum cl-900 ppm, and the maximum combined CL BR is 1500 ppm.


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Frequency range:DC to 6GHz

Withstand voltage:200V AC / 1min without flashover or insulation breakdown

Nominal characteristic impedance:50Ω

Contact resistance: max10mA

Center: maximum20mΩ

External: maximum10mΩ

Insulation resistance: minimum500 m ohms. At 100V DC

Operating temperature range:-40º C to 90 & ordm; C




Application scenario:

Golden beaconkinghelmConnectors are widely used in mobile phones, wireless communication equipment and electronic measuring instruments,BeidouGPSTerminal products and antenna connecting wires, WLAN, Bluetooth devices and any application that requires high frequency transmission using a small coaxial connector. In Alibaba(https://dgic2010.1688.com/)Helichuang mall(https://www.szlcsc.com/All have sales


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