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High value and consumable cabinet management system based on RFID Technology

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       In recent years, the reform of medical institutions in my country has been deepening, and the diversification of high-value materials has become more and more obvious. In order to improve the overall management level of materials and reduce losses, hospitals have to optimize materials management methods to cope with the fierce medical market competition. .

      Medical material management is the basic work to ensure the normal medical order. In order to strengthen the management of medical materials, hospitals need to customize a rigorous control system, focusing on high-value consumables. The economic value caused by its damage and loss is of great importance to medical institutions. huge.

      Most of the traditional medical high-value material management is still extensive management. First, clinical departments directly purchase from suppliers, and then suppliers supply high-value consumables to the department for acceptance. After each department uses it, the invoices are handed over to the equipment department for one-time storage and delivery.

      This traditional management process is widely adopted by major hospitals due to its short cycle and high efficiency. However, the access standards brought about by the surge in the types of high-value consumables are weakened, information tracking is difficult, management responsibilities are unclear, and historical data statistical analysis A series of problems such as difficulties are becoming more and more serious. Secondly, the internal equipment, finance and clinical departments of the hospital are not independent and compatible with each other, and there is no reasonable warning for insufficient reserves of high-value consumables. Furthermore, at present, most of the high-value consumables are various types of implantable consumables with a wide variety of specifications. Storage and stocking take up a lot of money. In addition, safety monitoring such as batch validity period must be paid attention to. The consequences of using expired consumables for patients are all It is obvious to all.

Strengthening and optimizing the scientific management of high-value medical consumables is the top priority to improve the management level of the hospital. From procurement to warehousing, to use to patients, modern management methods are realized in this complete cycle to enable efficient use of consumables and low-cost output. Imperative.




system requirement

The intelligent management system of medical high-value consumables is integrated into a series of process analysis of high-value material order management, internal request, and usage tracking through RFID radio frequency technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of hospital high-value material management and control.

       When high-value consumables are put into storage, they are bound to electronic tags to carry key information of consumables, and the internal circulation process is monitored through radio frequency identification until they are used on patients. The whole process of internal control and traceability of medical materials are implemented externally, which greatly accelerates the modernization of medical information. The pace of management. Finally, a comprehensive analysis is made on the usage of various high-value consumables and the trend of use throughout the year, to help high-value material administrators judge the consumption of consumables at each stage, so as to make orderly and rational ordering.

      In recent years, medical consumables have experienced an obvious surge in both type and quantity. For hospitals, it is very difficult to collect and input data, not to mention the later traceability management. Based on the experience of digital medical research, the medical high-value consumables management system analyzes the procurement process of high-value consumables, uses radio frequency identification technology to quickly identify and collect data, and introduces radio frequency identification technology into product traceability. It greatly increases the liquidity and reliability of the product, reduces the human and material cost of the hospital, improves the supply efficiency, and is of great significance to improving its own benefits.





Introduce RFID technology into the consumables cabinet, integrate the identity authentication module and camera monitoring module downward, connect the intelligent management platform upward, extend the modern logistics service to the hospital and operating room, realize the supervision and tracking of high-value consumables, make the high-value consumables Value intervention consumables are exchanged among suppliers, hospitals and patients, creating an efficient and intelligent modern hospital consumables management model, which will effectively solve various drawbacks in the existing high-value consumables management.

ThingMagic Quad Channel Reader

RFID tags

RFID high-value medical consumables cabinet integrates ThingMagic high-performance reader, which can realize automatic, fast and accurate reading of large quantities of consumables in the whole cabinet, and track the use process of consumables, from application, procurement, acceptance, collection, use, scrap, etc. Process monitoring, covering the entire life cycle of consumables, providing accurate data support for hospitals to effectively plan statistics and replenishment.

      The RFID consumables cabinet can store high-value medical consumables, realize quick inventory, and automatically identify and record incoming and outgoing warehouses. Any multiple cabinets can be combined and configured, main cabinet + auxiliary cabinet (window auxiliary cabinet/catheter auxiliary cabinet). After the operation, the usage data can be connected and transmitted to the HIS system for billing to avoid missed charges, and real-time dynamic display of consumables inventory, usage and out-of-stock information, to achieve a lean supply system for consumables application, procurement, and replenishment. The software can also realize the early warning of the expiry date, the interception of the expired period, and the tracking management of the batch number. The report query function can perfectly replace the manual records retained by the department, and the information such as consumables for replenishment and loss reporting can be electronically traced.

      The side of the whole cabinet can be customized with silk screen printing, providing OEM services. The slide drawer and hanger can be pulled out when in use, which is convenient for taking consumables. The top of the cabinet is equipped with emergency unlocking and maintenance windows. The door frame is made of oxidized aluminum profile, which is durable and beautiful in appearance. There are various ways to open the door of the auxiliary cabinet. Finger vein, medical card, or the main cabinet software controls the door to open. Each layer is equipped with 4 grid information display screens to realize real-time display of consumables types and information, and prompt nurses to take them. The laminates are equipped with acrylic transparent partitions to achieve category separation and facilitate management. The transparent window of the cabinet is convenient to observe the use of consumables outside the cabinet. The main cabinet is equipped with one/two-dimensional code scanning, which is convenient to read the identity information to verify the door opening or scan the two-dimensional code of the consumables for RFID data reading in special cases (when the RFID label fails). Equipped with a 14-inch capacitive touch screen, it is convenient for human-computer interaction and process management. Optional receipt printer can be used to print the data for proof. The auxiliary cabinets can be controlled and cascaded through the main cabinet to realize multi-cabinet control, unified data aggregation and external data interaction.

       The high-value medical consumables cabinet based on RFID technology can be used for medical materials with strict safety requirements and relatively high value that are used by various specialties and directly act on the human body. Mainly include stents, artificial organs, interventional catheter materials, implant materials, anesthesia materials, etc. With the rapid expansion of the hospital scale, the scope and quantity of its use have shown a rapid growth trend. Faced with the increasing usage of high-value consumables, hospitals must also manage them efficiently and safely to effectively prevent the loss, dynamic management and real-time monitoring of high-value consumables.

Its typical product features are:

1. Quick scan, the RFID scanner can quickly scan the RFID tag and automatically access the relevant data.

2. RFID technology is not limited by product size and shape in reading, and can be applied to different products and consumables.

3. High accuracy, each consumable is pasted with a unique RFID identification code, and there will be no operational errors like personnel.

4. RFID is equipped with a high-definition touch screen, which is easy to operate.

5. It has the function of opening all doors with one key in the background, which is convenient for administrators to use in emergency situations.

6. It can monitor the usage of the smart cabinet in real time, feedback and query the switch status of the cabinet door.

7. It can be configured to support various opening methods, such as fingerprint, face, IC card, finger vein, etc.

8. The application, purchase, acceptance, collection, use, and scrapping process of each consumable can be recorded and queried in the background.

9. The RFID smart consumables cabinet can be set up with hierarchical administrators, each management authority is different, and the general management can add and delete individual management.



        The whole life cycle management of high-value medical consumables not only has the significance of logistics management and financial management, but also is an important part of hospital medical service information, which has great statistical analysis value. Using RFID technology to build a complete tracking and retrospective system for high-value medical consumables is an optimal solution to the management status of high-value medical consumables. Precise correlation, so that each high-value consumable can be traced up to suppliers, manufacturers, and down to surgeons and patients; at the same time, the real-time inventory, billing, and payment status of high-value consumables can be dynamically inquired at any time, not only It provides a detailed data basis for future statistical analysis, and implements the tracking and supervision of the whole process of high-value consumables. Once the high-value consumables have quality problems, they can be easily traced and inquired, thus protecting the rights and interests of patients and hospitals.

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