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Beidou + 4G / 5G indoor positioning technology and Application

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Indoor positioning technology is now in a very hot research and exploration stage, showing a state of a hundred flowers in full bloom.The main existing problems in this field are operating costs and investment.Mobile communication network can not only engage in communication business, but also take advantage of the opportunity of 4G and 5g large-scale network deployment to research and develop a space-time integrated, low-cost and high-precision positioning system with Beidou system.

Why is indoor positioning gradually warming up in the industry? From WiFi Positioning to now, indoor positioning has a history of more than ten years, but there has always been the problem of operation cost. 2019 is the first year of 5g. At this stage, 5g is mainly supported by IOT, that is, all things are interconnected, enabling all industries. This brings not only the positioning needs of people, but also the positioning needs of things, such as many application needs related to emergency and fire fighting, and indoor positioning needs for robot navigation and medical distribution logistics in the medical industry.

In the subway, especially in the smart subway field cooperated by 5g and Shentong, the desensitized user data of China Telecom can locate the heat map, that is, the diversion of people. In terms of new retail, China Resources and Wanda have also begun to explore indoor positioning. The new retail initially hoped to transform the traditional retail. Now Wal Mart is planning to change the operation mode through the path analysis of users' choice of goods, which is also the demand of new retail. In terms of pavilions, China's market will be very large in the future. For example, there will be a lot of exhibitions and exhibition activities in Shanghai International Exhibition Center. Now it is mostly indicated by road signs. In fact, sometimes even if there are road signs, it is difficult to find the pavilions you want to go to, so people also have a demand for the positioning of large pavilions.

In the field that does not include image recognition and AI positioning, indoor positioning technology related to wireless communication technology is used. Wireless communication technology is mainly provided by operators. For example, Shanghai Telecom deploys 4G and 5g networks in the largest scale. In addition, Shanghai Telecom also deploys chainnet. In terms of the Internet of things, many people are engaged in relevant research work, among which UWB is the most popular. UWB technology was mentioned when Apple released iphone11. What are the advantages of China Telecom? At 5g. We are communicating with Huawei. 5g simulation data can achieve indoor positioning accuracy of about 1m, which is the indoor positioning solution considered by Shanghai Telecom. Our advantage lies in the acquisition terminal. The base station, WiFi and wired network are all acquisition terminals, which can understand the data upload. In addition, we also need basic data, that is, CAD drawings. We use building CAD drawings with network points for the distribution system of each building, which are the data basis. On this basis, the geographic information system of indoor operators is first formed. There are three main types of algorithms: fingerprint database, toda and field strength triangular positioning. The positioning data is uploaded continuously through this terminal, and then the location can be calculated through the algorithm engine, because now it is an internal application, and the platform is in the computer room. Next, we hope to desensitize the data through exploration, From the perspective of security, we should also explore how to achieve capacity openness.

As for the formation of GIS scheme, we should first combine it with Beidou system to develop indoor and outdoor seamless map network. This map first needs to make a unified coordinate system. Internet map is our base map. On this base map, indoor information is connected through coordinate matching, and then a basic map GIS system is formed. In addition, in the positioning scheme, we use the most basic network, and all architectures are basically secondary. That is, Pru, as a base station, collects the uploaded data into the computer room through the scanning object and human terminal. This is one of our advantages. It will be added to the positioning engine to centrally deploy and calculate the location of all mobile phones or objects. Shanghai Telecom also tested several main technologies of indoor positioning. One of them is the initial positioning technology. After two or three years of efforts, this technology has been realized. The data includes strength information. The initial positioning can be located to the floor. In addition, there are three main methods for accurate positioning. The first is the uplink standard. All base stations can scan the broadband signal of the wireless network. After the data is transmitted, the point position and time difference are calculated through the path. The data may contain outdoor GPS signals, as well as some base station information and strength information. First form the information map, then combine other information, and finally locate the residential area floor and the floor of the subdivision system. This scheme has been realized.

Positioning advantages of 5g. Firstly, it is standardized, that is, 3GPP defines the standard positioning network source and standard benefits on rel-15 and rel-16, so we do not need to change the information transmission from the base station side to the mobile phone side. Later, we will add a computing platform to calculate these data. 5g has two other advantages. One is high bandwidth. The larger the bandwidth, the easier it is to identify more signals. For TDOA calculation, there will be no error between delays and the accuracy will be improved. Another advantage of 5g is multiple antennas, so there will be a new calculation method next. 5g can use different antennas to correspond to different users, so as to locate the user's position more accurately. At present, 5g has a strong advantage indoors. Therefore, this year we also hope to cooperate with Beidou to carry out 5g Beidou indoor and outdoor positioning research and expand it.

What are the advantages of Telecommunications? We Shanghai Telecom will participate in the construction of all basic networks. Both the pipe network and the market scale of Shanghai rank first. In addition, Beidou will become a stronger integrated network of heaven and earth. In the process of 5g development, we hope to develop a support system represented by cloud AI security and build an ecosystem. After the arrival of 5g, the competition of operators is the competition of the ecosystem, so we should encapsulate our capabilities. In addition to the encapsulation of location information, we also hope to open the capabilities through the existing large network resources and cloud resources to build a system and ecosystem.


Here is an application case of Shanghai Telecom

Case 1:Network gaugeThe business application of network optimization indoor positioning, through three-dimensional simulation, online iterative accurate prediction, targeted construction investment, determines the user's location through indoor positioning, efficiently handles user complaints, conducts virtual CQT test through indoor positioning, reduces cost and improves efficiency, locates goods, and accurately manages equipment assets.

Case 2:The business application of medical indoor positioning connects the robot and big data platform based on 5g intelligent pipeline with large bandwidth and low delay. Through the big data analysis ability of cloud platform, it can quickly have the ability of data acquisition, analysis and learning, and meet the needs of multi scenario applications.

Case 3:Business application of industrial indoor positioning. In some large-scale manufacturing assembly processes, the management of parts and tools through indoor positioning system can greatly improve the efficiency.

Case 4:Business application of commercial 4G / WiFi Positioning. If the logo is published on the indoor map, it is convenient for users to easily find themselves on the complex map; User comments and sharing applications; Launch new product notice and group purchase notice to the terminal immediately, find and seize potential customers, attract old customers in combination with preferential strategies, and develop new customers with the help of the application of the user's social circle.

Case 5:Business application of indoor positioning for pedestrian flow monitoring. Four main application scenarios: urban passenger flow monitoring: monitor the distribution and trend of passenger flow in the whole city in combination with outdoor data, and give travel suggestions; Monitor the passenger flow in the station, monitor the passenger flow in the station in real time, and provide data reference for safe passenger flow control; Section passenger flow monitoring: count the passenger flow between stations, and report the degree of train congestion on the light belt; Accurate sorting and clearing: count the annual passenger flow proportion of each subway line and guide the profit sharing.

Case 6:Business application of smart subway indoor positioning. On October 31, the "5g smart Metro Platform" jointly built by Shanghai Shentong Metro Group and partners such as Shanghai Telecom, Casco, Huawei and Shanghai Tongfu was officially launched at Xujing east station of Shanghai Metro. Relying on the application based on 5g high bandwidth network, such as high-definition mobile video, high-definition intercom, customer service personnel positioning, etc., the metro operation company is enabled to implement the large passenger flow emergency plan and realize passenger flow evacuation guidance and other services for the large passenger flow scenarios of the Expo. The platform monitors the passenger flow data of "three lines and three stations" and Expo venues in real time, analyzes it in combination with historical data, and accurately predicts the passenger flow in the next 15 minutes. So that the commander can more effectively judge the operation organization and work plan of the day, and start the passenger flow emergency management plan in advance if necessary, such as notifying passengers to change the route in advance.

Case 7:Business application of WiFi Positioning in public safety room. Select the monitoring floor to monitor the location information of the positioning terminal in real time; Select the receiving phone and time range to play back the location movement process of the phone.

It is hoped that the integration of Beidou and 5g will bring more benefits and profit growth points to industrial applications in the future!

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