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"Beidou + tourism", Beidou helps the development of national cultural tourism!

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Recently, in order to implement the 14th five year plan for national economic and social development of the people's Republic of China and the outline of long-term objectives for 2035 and the national 14th five year plan for cultural reform and development, accelerate the development of culture and tourism and build a socialist cultural power, the Ministry of culture, culture and tourism issued a notice on printing and distributing the 14th five year plan for cultural and tourism development. It clearly proposes to promote the digital, networked and intelligent development of culture and tourism, and promote the application of Beidou navigation in the field of culture and tourism.

Culture and tourism are one of the important directions of Beidou's characteristic applications. Relying on high-precision location services and short message communication services, Beidou has played an important role in smart tourism, cultural relics protection and field search and rescue.

Smart Tourism

Beidou's high-precision positioning plays an important role in smart tourism. The smart tourism terminal based on Beidou system improves the smart tourism system of the scenic spot, and the use of tour guide machine is more flexible and convenient, and can be interrupted at any time. Tourists begin to explain automatically within a certain range. They can listen repeatedly if they are interested. Compared with the manual guide, the explanation is more accurate and standardized. Many scenic spots such as Jiaohe Ancient Village in Xinjiang, Taishan Mountain in Shandong and Cangshan Mountain in Fuzhou have been equipped with Beidou smart tourism terminals, which greatly improves the tourism experience of tourists.

Voice explanation of the general situation of tourists using the scenic spot

Cultural relics protection

Using Beidou's high-precision positioning, the cracks, settlement and displacement of ancient buildings can be monitored in real time. At present, Beidou terminals have been installed in the cultural relics protection such as Chenjiaci in Guangzhou, Guangdong, Chuandian town in Jingzhou, Hubei and tangjingling in Xi'an, Shaanxi, which effectively solves the problems of scattered patrol forces due to the large area of the cultural relics protection area, inadequate patrol management, untimely prevention Inadequate emergency response means.

Guangzhou Chenjiaci

Tangjingling, Xi'an, Shaanxi

Field search and rescue

In recent years, accidents caused by "Lvyou" getting lost and sudden accidents occur frequently during outdoor exploration. Because rescuers cannot determine the location of the victims and can not rescue in time, Beidou emergency terminal regularly sends the footprint location of "Lvyou" to the system platform through short message communication. When "Lvyou" is in distress, it sends a distress signal, The system can handle it in time according to his location, which protects the life safety of "donkey friends".

"Lvyou" uses Beidou emergency terminal

At present, the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system has been fully completed to provide more accurate, reliable and intelligent services. With the opening of a new era of industry, it is believed that Beidou system will also play a greater role in the field of culture and tourism.

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